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Seattle, your Flat White is ready today at Starbucks

Just when you thought there weren’t any more ways Starbucks could fancy up a cup of coffee, ta da! Say hello to the “flat white.” It’s been popular at overseas Starbucks locations for years, but now we can get it here. What’s a flat white? Here’s how Starbucks describes it on their website:

Expertly steamed whole milk poured over two shots of espresso, topped with microfoam swirled into beautiful latte art. The coffee connoisseurs’ choice originally from Antipodean roots combines Starbucks signature Espresso Roast and freshly steamed milk with microfoam, expertly handcrafted and served in our Flat White cup for a genuine Flat White experience.

If I understand this, we’re basically talking more caffeine, less milk, and  a smaller cup than the usuall latte or cappuccino. So it’s concentrated. They say it originated in Australia, or maybe New Zealand — down there somewhere, anyway.

According to USA Today, Hugh Jackman, the Australian actor,  owns a coffee shop in New York and he . . .

 . . . personally trained staff to make the beverage. The flat white is “like a latte with a little less milk and more espresso”. But it’s actually a little more complicated (and pretentious) than that.

The drink consists of a double shot of espresso combined with micro-foamed milk that should be heated consistently all the way through so as not to split into bubbled froth and scalding liquid. As such the flat white is often served a little colder than a cappuccino. The milk is freely poured in with the espresso meaning the velvety texture of the drink remains consistent throughout, unlike a latte.

Finally the flat white should be served in a 165ml tulip cup, making it typically far smaller than both a latte and a cappuccino.

So there you go. Will your new go-to at The Buck be a flat white? Let me know if you get a chance to try it.


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