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Seattle in the Top 10 Best Cities for Runners

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Lace up your sneakers and use our rankings to get a head start on your next training sesh.

Whether you run to stay healthy or to train for another marathon, there’s nothing like hitting the trails after a breezy morning stretch.

But where you go for a run can make or break your stride.

To mark Global Running Day on June 1Lawn Love compared over 180 of the largest U.S. cities to rank 2022’s Best Cities for Runners.

We looked at dozens of metrics, such as access to parks and running trails, trail difficulty, and environmental conditions. We also considered access to running groups, foot specialists, footwear spending, and gym affordability.

8th Place: Seattle WA

7th Place: Washington DC

6th Place: Colorado Springs CO

5th Place: Oakland CA

4th Place: Salt Lake City UT

3rd Place: San Diego CA

2nd Place: Portland Or

1st Place: San Francisco CA

Full Story and List: HERE

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