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Seattle Earthquake: Are You Prepared For the BIG ONE? [Emergency Kits & Toilets]

Wait, what?  TOILETS?!?!?!?!?!  Um, yes.  Because think about it.  If and when a quake hits, or as most like to call it the ‘big one’ we likely will not have running water.  Hence, you will not be able to flush your toilet (unless you fill it with gallons of water every time).

So a new campaign is in place for make shift toilets or ‘places to go’ if you will:  BUCKETS, one for number one and the other for number two.  In fact, it’s called the EMERGENCY TOILET PROJECT (HERE).

Add this to the other things you should have on hand for your Washington State EARTHQUAKE Survival Kit

Emergency survival kit

Store a kit at home, at work and at each child’s school or daycare facility.

  • Dry or canned food and drinking water for each person
  • Can opener
  • First aid supplies and first aid book
  • Copies of important documents such as birth certificates, licenses, and insurance policies
  • “Special needs” items for family members such as infant formula, eyeglasses and medications
  • A change of clothing
  • Sleeping bag or blanket
  • Battery powered radio or television
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof matches
  • Toys, books, puzzles, games
  • Extra house keys and car keys
  • List of contact names and phone numbers
  • Food, water and supplies for pets

Additional items you can store at home for use during an emergency:

   Cooking supplies

  • Barbecue, camp stove
  • Fuel for cooking, such as charcoal or camp stove fuel
  • Plastic knives, forks, spoons
  • Paper plates and cups
  • Paper towels
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil

Sanitation supplies

  • Large plastic trash bags for trash, water protection
  • Large trash cans
  • Bar soap and liquid detergent
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes
  • Feminine and infant supplies
  • Toilet paper
  • Household bleach with no additives, and eyedropper (for purifying drinking water)
  • Newspaper — to wrap garbage and waste


  • Sturdy shoes
  • Gloves for clearing debris
  • Tent


  • Ax, shovel, broom
  • Crescent wrench for turning off gas
  • Screwdriver, pliers, hammer
  • Coil of one-half inch rope
  • Plastic tape and sheeting
  • Knife or razor blades
  • Garden hose for siphoning and fire fighting

And, the few things my grandma ALWAYS would remind me:  “Sleep with a pair of shoes next to your bed (in case of broken glass), have a flashlight handy and please ALWAYS wear clean underwear”.   LOL…ok grandma:)

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