Seahawks forecast: Low score, pricey tickets

Well, now we know who the Seahawks will be playing in their Divisional Playoff round this weekend: The Carolina Panthers. It’s the fourth time the Panthers and the Hawks have met since 2012; all three games happened in Carolina, they were all low-scoring games, and the Seahawks won ’em all.  So you have to like our chances for a confrontation at CenturyLink with the 12th Man rocking the joint.

I’m not sure if this will be a factor but, sadly, there was a fire at Carolina Head Coach Ron Rivera’s house over the weekend.  Everybody’s okay and the house didn’t get too badly damaged, but maybe he’ll be a little rattled this week. (I sure don’t wish a house fire on anybody, but hey — you have to take what you can get!)

In case you’re interested in spending a few bucks on tickets to Saturday’s game, StubHub shows lots of seats available starting in the low $200 range for nosebleed 300-level corner seats, and of course the prices just go up from there.

Gametime:  Saturday, 5:15 PM at CenturyLink Field. It’ll be on Fox. Go Hawks!

(John F.)


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