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#ScreamItOut Challenge

Mad Scream. Angry Man. Conflict Person. Aggression Neurosis. Dou
It’s a TikTok challenge record yourself screaming the stress out.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month!!
A GM-branded TikTok challenge where parked drivers record themselves screaming the stress out of their system so they can drive with reduced distraction.
GM is launching a Branded TikTok Challenge using the hashtag #ScreamItOut.
We’re working with influencers who are known to tackle mental health topics who will create and share initial videos to get the challenge rolling.
The challenge will follow a simple and easy-to-do message structure:
1.   Driving while stressed can be distracting and dangerous 
2.  Screaming can be one way to relieve stress 
3.  Scream it out! 
4.  Challenge followers to do the same