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Russell Wilson Says Family First

Ciara, Russell Wilson, Sienna Princess Wilson and Future Zahir W
Photo Credit: Big Stock

Russell Wilson is among a handful of NFL players concerned about coronavirus and its effect on the upcoming season.  He’s got a great perspective.

He’s SO well spoken, driven… but also understands what comes first in life.  Ciara, their kids and ALL of us Seahawks fans are so lucky to have him!

The WIAA meets today to determine the path forward for high school sports in our state and a few more school districts will announce their plans for the fall as well.

But back to the NFL for a second… Have you seen the new face masks that could be implemented into their helmets to help protect them from the virus?

Conversations are happening behind the scenes.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get too political.

The simple fact is:  There is a LOT of money on the line.