Roofie Detector Straw

3 girls
Credit: YouTube

Three teenage girls are fighting date rape drugs, using a straw as their weapon.

Date rape is a significant problem, particularly with female college students,

but a simple straw may help prevent crime. The girls came up with the concept

during an entrepreneurship class they attended.

They decided to enter their product in the 2017 Miami Herald’s Business Plan Challenge and won first place.

The girls are working on patenting Smart Straws and speaking with large manufacturers to bring the product to the market.

They plan to make it affordable and cheap enough to dispose of.

The team is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign ahead of the official release of the Smart Straws.

They are determined to make their business idea a success and want to inspire others to follow their dreams.

The girls hope to inspire people who have a business idea to pursue it.

Full Story and Video: HERE

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