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The Rock 2020 and Cher…..

We’ve been talking about The Rock possibly running for President in 2020 and it looks like, it’s happening…… Hank Rocks 2020 anyone?

Katy Perry addressed the rumor that her new song “Swish” is about her rivalry with Taylor Swift…..So basically, her non-answer is totally the equivalent of saying, yeah, it’s totally about Taylor.

The Billboard Music Awards were in Vegas last night… for me, none of these shows are about the awards, although, Drake would probably disagree since he took home 13 of them last night.

For me, it was about the performances…. Ed Sheeran sang Castle on the Hill

And of course, 71 year old Cher accepted the ICON award, then donned pasties and rocked out…

which just gives us an excuse to play this….


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