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It’s a thing!!!! Using your commute time to decompress and get a hold of your thoughts.Then when you walk in the door when you get home you are in a “GOOD place.”

What a better way to decompress than listening to GREAT music on WARM 106.9

Do you use your commute to de-stress?

Long but informative article: Here

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Laurie is a rare Seattle-born Native. She has raised her children, but as a working mom knows how important it is to look and feel your best. She currently volunteers with Queen It’s a New Day, a non-profit organization in Everett, giving women a hand up to feel great inside and out. As a published author and life coach, Laurie is WARM’s Afternoon Traffic host with the philosophy of…” traffic is a lot like life, sometimes you have a speed –limit drive and sometimes you hit a slow-down or detour, but with the right guidance and information, we can all get through it together”.