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It’s Rhubarb Season! [recipes]

My neighbor recently share some of the Rhubarb they grow in their backyard.  First off I was like ‘ewwwe’ as I remember as a kid thinking the batch we had growing next to my swing set looked tempting.  But upon that first bite and the bitter, dry stalk really ruined my desire for it ever again.  So I thought.

A few years ago my mom brought over this delish crumble top cake with by appearance I thought might be strawberry.  Nope, it was Rhubarb.  Had no idea that you can make something so yummy out of the stuff!  lol.  Turns out, there’s quite a few ways you can turn the bitter to sweet.

  • Mom’s RHUBARB CAKE recipe (HERE)
  • Various RHUBARB recipes from Pies, Freezer Jam and Baked Beans (HERE)

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