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Retired K-9 Drug Dog Hates Cocaine

A retired Australian K-9 unit named Dante proved that his detective skills are still on point.

After hilariously perking up upon hearing the word “cocaine.”

A TikTok video of the uproarious reaction was first posted in March — but is currently going viral

with more than 2.5 million views. Various ripped versions of the doggone clip have a

massed up to 30 million more views.

However, the funny footage was first shared on TikTok by Queensland’s Davey Rutherford,

who adopted Dante after he retired from the force.

In the clip, captioned “sniffer dog knows English,

” the German Shepherd can be seen panting on a bed while Rutherford rattles off his shopping list.

However, Dante’s demeanor quickly shifts when Davey tries to slip in an illegal substance as a goof.

“All right, shopping list: Bread, milk, pasta, eggs, mayo, cocaine.”

Upon hearing the drug’s name, Dante reflexively whips his head around and flashes

Rutherford a deadly serious look — as if to let him know that he crossed the line.

Fortunately, the pooch’s owner is quick to let him know he’s “just kidding.”

Viewers were impressed by Dante’s hair-trigger response.

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