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REALLY Seattle?

This is a great city. I’m so proud to live here. I believe one of our greatest assets is our artist community. I’m saddened to read about an incident that happened to Daniel Gray, a comedian who has made me laugh countless times (FOR FREE) at Jai Thai on Broadway. He’s funny. VERY FUNNY. If you subscribe to the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” the man is a bona fide MD.

He also uses a wheelchair. Which was stolen yesterday.

Really, Seattle? This is not how we treat people. This is a city where lines of drive-through patron’s buy each other’s Starbucks orders for hours. It’s a city where we have food banks for the dogs of the Homeless…A  place where acts of kindness are more frequent than “random.”

I know things are stolen everyday…but THIS crime is more than an inconvenience to the victim. It’s cruel, and it’s not representative of who WE are as a community.

We’re a city of dreamers, artists and innovators. And I’m privileged to support the creators of the content that moves me everyday. To the creator of Daniel’s gofundme: Thank YOU for giving us a means to support one of Seattle’s best.




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