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Quiet Quitting isn’t Just for Employment

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Here are 4 reasons why women are quietly quitting dating:

1. Dating apps suck

It’s no secret that women have a bad time on dating apps. Women constantly have to face crude harassment from men in the form of lewd messages and unsolicited pictures.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not as easy as “just be skinny and guys will hit on you.” It’s just bad. Romance is kind of dead. Getting guys to pay for a dinner date feels about as easy as pulling a cow up a tree.

2. Too many men have too little to offer

The market for a decent life partner is slim AF, and most men who hit women up dangle a wedding ring like a carrot on a stick. Some will allow themselves to live with women for decades, with no commitment on their end. Women don’t want that. They want a real companion.

So what would a woman gain from wading through 100 entitled men who won’t even pay for a coffee? A chance at the rare guy who’s worth it? After a certain amount of rejection, it’s easy to see why women don’t want to invest time into finding Mr. Right anymore.

3. Bad experiences

Most women I know end up having at least two men refuse to take them on proper dates, “accidentally” bring up a fancy restaurant they suddenly can’t afford, or worse, “lose their wallet” at said venue.

Men laugh about putting in minimal effort to get a woman to sleep with them. At times, women find themselves stigmatized by a “player” who made sure to tell everyone they slept with them. Sometimes, a handful of bad boyfriends is enough to have women say they’re done.

4. No need for a partner

Women who want families have the opportunity to get their own child whenever they want. A fertility clinic is just a call away. Women can have their own jobs. And they can also nurture entire social lives for themselves.

In the past, women were not given a way to support themselves. Their entire status depended on who they married. This is no longer the case, and the stigma towards singledom is starting to fade.

Honestly? I don’t know. I do not expect the men pushing women to quit dating to empathize with ladies. If the trend in Korea takes hold in America, we’re going to see more and more women choosing singledom for the rest of their lives.

Is this a bad thing? To a point, yes. Many women will mourn the lives they looked forward to that never came. So will a lot of men who end up perma-single because their Ms. Right gave up before they met them.

However, I try to be hopeful. Maybe this is the push we need to turn dating into something enjoyable again. Or maybe, it’ll be the reason that makes people realize that being alone is better than being with the wrong person. Who knows?

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