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Quick and Free Holiday Photos

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Taking family photos during the holidays is a lovely way to create memories (and pictures) to last a lifetime.

But many families forgo this tradition because of the expense and hassle associated with it.

Not only is the cost of taking professional photos often high, but many families are overwhelmed at the thought of getting their brood ready for a photoshoot during the stress of the holidays. And, if you have young kids, getting them to stay still for pictures can be a nightmare.

We don’t believe taking family photos needs to be stressful or expensive. Thanks to the following photoshoot ideas, you can take beautiful photos for your holiday cards or mantle without spending too much time or money.

5. Get The Family In Action

Postable recommends organizing your photoshoot around a specific activity if you have young children. This will give them something to keep busy with while you snap some shots, and will also allow you to capture genuine, candid moments.

Ask a friend or family member to be your photographer (or use a self-timer), and then choose your theme. You could photograph the family while doing holiday baking or making gingerbread houses. Or, if it’s snowy outside, head out to make a snowman. There are no bad ideas!

4. Take A Walk Outside

Don’t spend a lot of time or money on the background of your photos. If you choose to capture your family in nature, then it’ll be free!

Ask your photographer (who, again, can be a friend or family member) to meet you at a local park. Have your family wear coordinated outfits, like in the same color palette or with a similar pattern. Then, start shooting some shots as you enjoy the outdoors. You can get a mix of candid as well as posed photos.

This idea is great for families with energetic kids since the outdoors will keep them engaged in the photoshoot. Consider bringing some outdoor toys (such as a ball) to keep them entertained while you take different types of photos, like if you want some couple photos featuring only mom and dad.

3. Let’s Take A Selfie

f you want to go for a cute, casual vibe, then consider taking a family selfie. You’ll need to invest in a selfie stick if you don’t already own one, as even dad’s arms likely aren’t long enough to include everyone. You can find this for cheap on Amazon or even at your local dollar store.

The important part is choosing the theme and background. Minted suggests posing in front of a recognizable spot in town or creating a scene in your own home, like posing in front of your Christmas tree. Be sure to coordinate your family’s outfits, as this will help make the selfie look more polished.

The best part about this idea? You don’t need to worry about finding a photographer! The selfie stick will do all the work.

2. Bring The Props Out

Taking your photos at home with a loved one acting as the photographer is one of the cheapest routes you can go. Then, it becomes all about the details. One way to add pizazz to a photo is through props.

If you want Christmas-themed photos, use decorations you already have around the house. Have the kids lick candy canes, decorate the background with a garland or wreath, or leave a plate of cookies out for Santa Claus in the corner.

If you need inspiration, check out your local dollar store to find inexpensive décor that could be used as props. Or, scour a website like Pinterest to find inspiration about how to use items you already own.

1. Get Snuggled Up

If you’re looking for a photoshoot idea that’s as cozy as it is cheap, then consider getting the whole family in on a snuggle. Shutterfly suggests throwing your comfiest blankets and pillows on the couch or bed. Or, if you want to be extra, build a fort out of sheets with Christmas lights strung from the top.

Have your family wear coordinated outfits, or if you have the option, rock matching pajamas for a classic family picture idea that will be equally cozy to shoot and look at afterward.

This is an easy photoshoot idea to do on your own with a self-timer, or you can ask a loved one to be the photographer. Plus, since you can do it at home, the family pet can also get involved.

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