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Covid Pounds? How PACE Your Daytime Snacks

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It’s already a topic of conversation, or we’ve joked about it:  “by the time this is over, I’m gonna be 15lbs heavier!”.   SIGH…guilty.  All the shopping we’ve done, and the fact that sooooo many are working from home (and thank you)…we are ‘snacking’ more.

Found a few tips & reminders: 

Portion Control- Easiest way to make this happen, is DON’T EAT FROM THE BAG.  Pour just a small amount into a bowl and savor the bite.  Also, portion size bags…AWESOME!  Just remember to eat one, not two or 3 throughout the day.

Drink A Glass of Water-Something I know I don’t do enough.  So perhaps when you wander into the kitchen and start snooping around for ‘something to snack on’…stop yourself, and down a glass of water.  Better yet (and I’m guilty of this)…drink water, instead of ANOTHER cup of coffee. I bet you’re taking in more than you did before, right?

Freeze It!– Things like Oreo Cookies and Chocolate are soooooooooooooo much better frozen, and you eat fewer (and not so much in your line of sight:).

Take Activity Breaks– Get up, move around or go for a (safe) walk around the block.

I know this is hard, really hard.  Perhaps use the time since we’re lookin’ at weeks, to make healthier choices.  Move around as much as you can, meditate and read.  Make sure there’s ‘you’ time and that you’re not always reaching for that ‘comfort’.  We’re gonna be ok, so try not to ‘eat’ your fear ’cause and the end of all this…HIPS DON’T LIE.

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