Quarantine non-compliance calls to cops on the rise — at least in Florida

Quarantine non-compliance calls to cops on the rise -- at least in Florida

franckreporter/iStock(TAMPA) — By now it’s pretty obvious that being told to stay home to wait out the COVID-19 pandemic makes one a little stir-crazy.  However, Florida residents are so bored, people are now spying on their own neighbors and are reporting any and all “suspicious” activity to the police.

Tampa Bay Times reports that Hillsborough County deputies were summoned to break up a makeshift wrestling ring in someone’s front yard last week.   About 15 people, all in costume, were busted for rebelling against the state’s stay-at-home order — right before the main event, too.  They were all issued a warning and told to scamper on home.

However, most phone calls reportedly are from neighbors reporting neighbors for doing yard work or gardening, which are not violations of the state’s stay-at-home guidelines.  Neither does taking a dip in your own back yard swimming pool.

Then again, a report of a “neighbor walking around outside not following quarantine while roommate posts nude pics at closed state parks” — no one’s quite certain which laws, if any, that activioty violates. 

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office says they received nearly 200 non-compliance complaints in a single week, from March 27 to April 5.

While deputies appreciate the community’s newly heightened sense of awareness, they’re also asking the public to tone down the obsessiveness. 

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