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Border Collie
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This Bud’s for you — and your dog.

Budweiser is making man’s best friend the face of its new holiday beer by superimposing

dogs’ likenesses onto pictures of their colorful seasonal cans.

“We’ve teamed up with @dog_rates to put your pups on our Holiday Buds in this thread,”

tweeted the beer conglomerate .

To get one’s canine on a festive red and green can,

dog lovers simply need to reply to the tweet with a photo of their pet and the hashtag #pupweiser.

The beer brand even offered that “some of you may get a real Bud can sent to you with your pup on it!”

Dogged dog-lovers made a furr-ocious effort to catch Budweiser’s attention,

tweeting pix of dogs frolicking in the snow, engaging with perfect poses and wide-eyed portraits,

and making the company ponder whether some puppies are of legal drinking age.

Below are just some of the many dogs that made the cut … or, we should say, can.

Full Story and pups on cans pics: HERE

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