Pub going door-to-door delivering freshly poured pints of Guinness

Pub Going Door To Door Delivering Freshly Poured Pints Of Guinness

iStock/Nagalski(SOUTH BELFAST) — For fans of the Irish beer Guinness, there’s nothing like a freshly-poured pint of the black stuff, but with pubs closed over social distancing rules, what’s a thirsty person to do? 

Enter the Hatfield House, located on Ormeau Road in South Belfast. It’s been delivering pints door-to-door since the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered Ireland’s pubs. 

According to the Irish Post, the delivery service is possible thanks to a special van equipped with a portable tap system, which can pour out that velvety goodness just as well as the keg at your local. 

The paper says customers call the pub to place their orders, and the van makes its way to them.  The delivery person/pourer also wears latex gloves and practices social distancing, leaves a plastic pint cup at the customer’s doorstep.

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