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Professional Domino Artist Uses 7,000 Dominos for Her Christmas Card

Would you take the time to setup over 7,000 dominos just for your Christmas card? 20-year-old professional domino artist Hevesh5 did and it’s incredible!

According to Hevesh5, she had “…wanted to try building [a] large fancy font freehanded out of dominoes, so I decided to build ‘Merry Christmas’ in cursive”.

This apparently involves, “…lots of proportions, measuring, and eye-balling,” and “…it was also a challenge to figure out how to get this to topple sequentially by letter, since everything was connected in cursive (however, sometimes not in the direction it needed to topple). I had to tape down a few one way dominoes to ensure that the path would keep going in the right direction.”

It sounds like a huge amount of work, but the end result is worth all of the effort!

If you just can’t get enough Christmas themed dominoes, check out this video from Hevesh5 where she mixes in some very cool holiday themed Rube Goldberg-esque elements in with her dominoes!

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