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Portland Beats Seattle for Best Local Food

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Where in America can you easily find farm-fresh food?

Portland comes in first and Seattle is in 6th place.

Cook up a locavore feast with our ranking of 2023’s Best Cities to Eat Local Food.

To mark National Small Business Week starting April 30, LawnStarter compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on three categories.

We looked for cities with great access to community-supported agriculture (CSAs), u-pick farms, local dairy farms, and on-farm markets. We also considered the number of local food movement groups, among 17 metrics.

Dig into our ranking below. To learn how we ranked the cities, see our methodology.

Best Cities to Eat Local Food
Rank City
1 Portland, OR
2 Baltimore, MD
3 Alexandria, VA
4 Washington, DC
5 Minneapolis, MN
6 Seattle, WA
7 Boston, MA
8 Madison, WI
9 Providence, RI
10 Vancouver, WA

Full Story: HERE

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