Popular Cat Names, Seattle List of Cat Names
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Popular Cat Names 2018, Does Yours Make The List?

You just brought in a new kitten or perhaps just adopted a ‘rescue’.  But what shall you name him/her?  Well here are some popular cat names for 2017 and trending for 2018.  Let’s see if yours makes the list:)

So what cat names are trending so far for 2018?  Check it out (HERE)

Several lists to choose from, but one of the most popular is what we ‘google’ when looking for ideas.  So the first list comes from topcatnames.com.  They also have a cat name generator.  Cool!

TOP Female Cat Names 2017

  1. Nala
  2. Bella
  3. Luna
  4. Abby
  5. Daisy
  6. Angel
  7. Cleo
  8. Hazel
  9. Belle
  10. Coco
  11. A.J.
  12. Bambi
  13. Willow
  14. Oreo
  15. Addie
  16. Ava
  17. Buttercup
  18. Cookie
  19. Amber
  20. Biscuit
  21. Autumn
  22. Mia
  23. April
  24. Pixie
  25. Alice

Top Male Cat Names 2017

  1. Simba
  2. Milo
  3. Tiger
  4. Oreo
  5. Bear
  6. Biscuit
  7. Felix
  8. Jasper
  9. Alfie
  10. Caesar
  11. Axel
  12. Leo
  13. Gizmo
  14. Blue
  15. Binx
  16. Bacon
  17. Archie
  18. Bandit
  19. A.J.
  20. Whiskers
  21. Chewie
  22. Tigger
  23. Casper
  24. Monet
  25. Jax
  • Seattlepi.com recently listed top cat names trending for 2018 here in the NW (HERE).
  • And since we’re talkin’ Cats here, how about a sweet little rescue (HERE).  Photos included.
  • And let’s check out some of the available fur babies at PAWS Cat City (HERE)

And if none of the names above fit your cat’s personality, perhaps one of the below will:

  • Pouncer
  • Arty
  • Hunter
  • Racer
  • Melody
  • Creep
  • Trust
  • Bubbles
  • Solumn
  • Fidget
  • Scratches
  • Chatterbox
  • Tickler
  • Jumper
  • Fickle
  • Bridget
  • Carly
  • Debra
  • Eileen
  • Elaine
  • Janet
  • Jean
  • Joanne
  • Sally
  • Sandra
  • Sheila
  • Tracey
  • Wendy
  • Ursula
  • Yvonne
  • Zenda
  • Archibald
  • Cecil
  • Chester
  • Clarence
  • Clive
  • Dean
  • Dennis
  • Egbert
  • Gary
  • Frederick
  • Horace
  • Malcolm
  • Nigel
  • Sidney
  • Roy
  • Terrance
  • Wayne

And some tips on how to ‘talk’ to your cat…

  1. Short meow: “Hey, how ya doin’?”
  2. Multiple meows: “I’m so happy to see you! Where’ve you been? I missed you!”
  3. Mid-pitch meow: A plea for something, usually dinner, treats, or to be let outside.
  4. Drawn-out mrrraaaaaoooow: “Did you forget to feed me, you idiot? I want dinner NOW!” or similar demand.
  5. Low pitched mraaooww: “You are so lame. The service around here sucks,” or similar complaint.
  7. Purr: Most often a sign of contentedness, but can also be used when in pain or afraid — an instinctual response to hide weakness from predators.
  8. Hiss: “Steer clear. I’m angry and I’m not afraid to draw blood.”
  9. Clicking sounds: Cats who are tracking prey will make a distinctive clicking sound.

And let’s pay attention to the body language…

  1. Tail straight up or straight up with a curl at the end: Happy.
  2. Tail twitching: Excited or anxious.
  3. Tail vibrating: Very excited to see you.
  4. Tail fur sticks straight up while the tail curls in the shape of an N: Extreme aggression.
  5. Tail fur sticks straight up but the tail is held low: Aggression or frightened.
  6. Tail held low and tucked under the rear: Frightened.


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