Popsicle Hack

Freeze pops, Popsicles, freezies, ice pops … whatever you call them, these frozen sticks are among the most popular frozen summer snacks.

Maybe they were part of your childhood birthday parties or after-dinner desserts. Made from sweetened, colored water, these treats have delighted sugar lovers since the early ’60s, per Eater.

But it’s hard not to picture the rainbow-colored frozen sticks without thinking about one little annoyance: opening them. Some brands offer them in plastic with jagged edges, leading you to believe you can easily rip one apart with your fingers. But unless you have sharp nails, a firm grip, and very skinny fingers, it’s next to impossible. Other brands offer a smoother edge, making it even more difficult.

Thanks to a TikTok video, though, freeze pop lovers now know of a third method. Breaking it in half with your hands. No teeth. No scissors. No knife. Perhaps youalready knew about this hack, but based on many of the video comments, it seems many people were “today years old” when they learned about it.

WHAT?  Gonna run home and try it!!!!

Full story and video: HERE