Sunday Morning Magazine

Sunday Morning Magazine is a local Seattle podcast featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend's informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.

Latest Episodes

6-10-18: The Arc of King County, 5K for Inclusion, www.thearcofkingcounty.org

The Arc of King County in an 82 year long non-profit organization that serves all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the lifespan: from prenatal diagnosis through end of life care. The programs are free to families and help the individual to live to the best of their ability, to learn self advocacy; and for parents and care givers there is good peer-to-peer support that happens. An important piece of the work at this time is with helping to prevent homelessness for this population. 3 of the staff share the insights: Robin Tatsuda, Claire Tierney, and Madeleine Wood. A great way to learn more and to support this important work is to be involved the 5K for Inclusion on Saturday June 16 at Renton Memorial Stadium. Allan Fee is the emcee!! www.thearcofkingcounty.org

6-03-18: Pati Poblete, gun violence, important book: A Better Place-A Memoir of Peace…

Pati Poblete is a longtime Bay Area journalist and has used her writing talent to relate a devastating story–the murder of her 23 year old son, Robby, 4 years ago, and her journey of healing. A Better Place–A Memoir of Peace in the Face of Tragedy is a raw and honest recounting of the tragedy and is balanced with the portrayal of Robby’s deep engagement in, and love of life! Pati knows that we each have our own journey of healing but her expression of her path is sure to share ideas with others dealing with tragedy and loss–including a gun buy back program and ‘transforming’ them into forms of art. www.robbypobletefoundation.org

5-27-18: Dr Dennis Wang, Bill Monroe give good info about strokes! www.heart.org

May is stroke awareness month. Dr.Dennis Wang is a stroke specialist with CHI Franciscan Health- and provides us with important guidelines on awareness and practicing prevention–blood pressure being key in this area. We also meet Bill Monroe, a stroke survivor who underscores Dr. Wang’s insights and directions. Both highlight “FAST” as an indicator of a stroke happening: F–change in the face/drooping, A–arm weakness–difficult to lift/ hold straight out in front of self, S–slurred or difficult speech, T–time to call 911. www.heart.org

5-20-18: David Richart, Komen Race for the Cure June 3 at Seattle Center, www.komenpugetsound.org

David Richart, Executive Director of Susan G Komen Puget Sound extends the invite to join and support the annual–Big 25 this year!–Race for the Cure. Takes place Sunday morning, June 3, at the Seattle Center. Fundraising and financial support are critically important–to support continued research, as well as support women and families with financial challenges that often supersede getting treatment! Seattle is a big center for the research, so a major portion of funds stay right here in our area. www.komenpugetsound.org

5-13-18: Lisa Rosenblum, Executive Director of the King County Library System, www.kcls.org

Lisa Rosenblum is the new Executive Director of KCLS–King County Library System, coming across the country from her former position at the Brooklyn Public Library. Lisa is the first female director in more than 5 decades, so great new energy for the Northwest. KCLS is the #1 library system nationwide in digital checkouts and Lisa is here to continue this trend but acknowledges that ‘paper’ is still here for those of us who love it. KCLS is a huge system, 49 Libraries as well as a Mobile Service that brings books to preschool sites as well as those who are limited in getting to their local library. Lisa has embraced her new role and you could easily bump into her as you visit your own branch. Be sure to say ‘hi’ when you see her. www.kcls.org

5-06-18: Luke Minor, GET for college, plan ahead for a great future for your kids, www.get.wa.gov

Luke Minor, Senior Associate Director of Washington State’s GET Program–Guaranteed Education Tuition, shares much information about this important action to take on behalf of our kids. Ideally, we begin young, at their birth, even before–baby showers are a great event where the host can suggest contributions to a child’s future education. GET, a 529 prepaid college tuition plan is viewed as tops in the country. Already over 51,000 students have used their GET funds in all 50 states, and in 14 foreign countries. Planning ahead has the value of letting your child know that you believe in higher education and they are capable of it. Equally as important they will not incur huge debt for their college tuition. The current enrollment period ends May 31. Until then you can lock in $113/unit. 100 units equal 1 year of tuition–anywhere!. www.get.wa.gov or call 800-955-2318

4-29-18: Dr. Al-Mateen, psychiatry, youth, early diagnosis critical www.aacap.org, www.nami.org

Dr. Cheryl Al-Mateen is Medical Director of the Virginia Treatment Center for Children, and Professor of Psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Psychiatry. She is passionate about helping kids and youth because it’s known that half of mental illnesses start before age 14. This being the case…we need to get a better understanding and be proactive on behalf of these kids, their families, and ultimately the future and our communities. www.aacap.org , www.bpkids.org , www.nami.org

4-22-18: Christian Davenport, ‘The Space Barons’, www.museumofflight.org Apr 25

Christian Davenport is a staff writer at the Washington Post where he covers the space and defense industries for the financial desk. So he’s had the opportunity to be up close with the recent history of space activities. Christian is also an author whose newest book is: The Space Barons: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the Quest to Colonize the Cosmos. Christian will be in Seattle at the Museum of Flight (a great Seattle treasure!) on Wednesday April 25 at 6:30 to discuss the book, sign copies, etc. www.museumofflight.org

4-15-18: Bruce Beehler, ornithologist, “North on the Wing: Travels with the Songbird Migration…”

Bruce M. Beehler is an ornithologist, naturalist, conservationist, author, and lecturer. He is a research associate in the division of birds at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. And, he has published eleven books about nature. His new one is: North on the Wing: Travels with the Songbird Migration of Spring. Besides bringing a focus on our environment, it may inspire some special excursions of our own–in our back yard, our state, or perhaps a partial journey such as Bruce undertook following the spring migration.

4-08-18: Dr. Ilona Jerabek, value of emotional intelligence www.psychtests.com

Dr. Ilona Jerabek is the founder of Psychtests, based in Montreal, Quebec. Dr. Jerabek is a specialist in the field of psychometric assessments. They do Testing of classical IQ, personality, self esteem, for individuals and companies. Recent research revealed that EQ, emotional intelligence, self awareness, carries greater weight in a person’s life. As Dr. Jerabek states: people with high emotional intelligence tend to be more successful in life than those with lower EIQ even if their classical IQ is average. Interesting work. There are free self tests at their website. www.psychtests.com