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Sunday Morning Magazine is a local Seattle podcast featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend's informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.

Latest Episodes

5/28/23 – Patrick Smithwick

Patrick Smithwick is a husband, dad, teacher, and author. His newest book – “War’s Over, Come Home–A Father’s Search for His Son, Two-Tour Marine Veteran of the Iraq War”, has just been released on hardcover. As we’ll find in this interview, Patrick takes his role as ‘Dad’ to heart. And in the case of his family’s years of searching for his son Andrew, every waking moment. In this story I hope we’ll think about honoring all our veterans this Memorial Day weekend, but also gain an awareness of the trauma so many, too many live with when they return from war.

5/21/23 – Dr. Greg Jantz

Dr. Greg Jantz is a psychologist and author whose latest book:  “Triumph Over Trauma” was just recently released. He is also the Founder of The Center: A Place of Hope, an award-winning inpatient and outpatient facility specializing in the treatment of addictions and mental health disorders in Edmonds. The focus is mainly on trauma in this conversation, which Dr. Jantz tells us is a spectrum of levels and the critical importance of addressing and dealing with it. Insomnia, anxiety, depression – they all can be considerable signs of unaddressed trauma. There are online tests that can provide insights.

5/14/23 – Emma Nadler

Emma Nadler is an author, speaker, and psychotherapist based in Minnesota. Emma is also a wife and mother and shares her life with us in her memoir, “The Unlikely Village of Eden”. Eden is Emma’s 2nd child, a daughter who is a magical child and who is neurodivergent. In bringing us into her family, Emma helps us to have a greater awareness of and compassion for families that become caregivers, what that means and how each of us can be a partner. It’s such an important insight as we experience how all-consuming caregiving can be, and how rewarding it can be to be available and offer support

5/7/23 – Luke Minor, Director of WA529

Luke Minor is the Director of WA529, Washington State’s College Savings plans. The 2 programs – GET and the Dream Ahead college investment plan are amazing options for families planning ahead for future education. These funds can be used anywhere in the country, at most educational institutions, including technical/trade schools, along with covering costs for special instruments, and even paying off student loans in some cases. It’s important to plan and share this with the student/s and family and friends who can all partner in supporting a young person into a great future.  Best to start early and young, but it’s just important to get started.  Saving just $5/day = $18,000 in 10 years.
Online at: www.wastate529.wa.gov; or call to speak with a representative: 1.800.955.2318

4/30/23 – Ruchira Gupta

Ruchira Gupta is a feminist campaigner, a professor at New York University, and founder of the anti-sex trafficking organization “Apne Aap Women Worldwide.” She is also an author, whose newest YA novel, “I Kick and I Fly,” looks right into the harsh world of sex trafficking based on actual events Ruchira witnessed firsthand in India. Harsh as it is, this is a story of hope. Ruchira asks us to take an action step, read the book, and have our youth read the book. Being an international port, Washington state is a hub of human trafficking! the hotline is: 1-888-373-7888  

4/23/23 – Nancy Long and Diana Goodrich

Give Big 2023 is just around the corner, May 2nd & 3rd. It’s an important time for over 1400 nonprofit organizations in our state. The goal this year is $15 million dollars, and it can be reached when each of us looks at just what makes our life a good life. 
Nancy Long is the Executive Director of 501 Commons, the partner that brings together the many small and large organizations that need our support. And making the donations is made simple, very much like any shopping we might do online, and keeps a private record for us.  www.givebigwa.org
Diana Goodrich is the Co-Director of Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest located in Cle Elum and home to 16 chimpanzees who formerly had been research animals. Now they have a home in nature, room to roam and trees to climb. One 50-year-old chimp finally was able to climb her first tree! They are vegetarians so they require loads of produce! We can help make their life comfortable and keep them nourished by supporting www.chimpsnw.org, where we can also follow a blog of the chimps’ daily life.

4/16/23 – Thomas Vozzo

Thomas Vozzo is a global business executive who left that world when he saw its injustices, and is now the unpaid CEO of Homeboy. In his book “The Homeboy Way: A Radical Approach to Business and Life”, Thomas relates his story and finding his way to volunteering at Homeboy Industries in LA. Founded 30 years ago, this very successful entity assists former gang members and ex-convicts build a new and fulfilling life. Thousands of these individuals have come through Homeboy’s doors to find counseling, education, housing, and good employment. Thomas provides insights into the shattered lives these individuals have come from.

4/9/23 – Steph Jagger

Steph Jagger is a Bainbridge Island-based author, coach, and mentor, and she brings us her new book, a beautiful love story, “Everything Left to Remember… My Mother, Our Memories, And a Journey Through the Rocky Mountains”. This book is a wisdom, comfort, coach, and love story.  Whether our mothers are still here with us, or if as for Steph and me, our mothers have left this world, there’s so much for us to learn and grow with and from. It’s an inner journey, yet it’s also this outer journey. One with our larger mother, Mother Earth. 

4/2/23 – Barbara Woodworth

Barbara Woodworth is a licensed clinical social worker in Seattle, and a contract counselor with Able To, a pioneer in virtual behavioral health care, committed to delivering the highest quality mental health support. Her outlet is an invaluable resource committed to delivery high quality mental health support for anyone in need. And particularly for persons living in remote locations, or those with possible challenges in making an in-person visit. Able To is contracted through a variety of insurance plans.  

3/26/23 – Dr. Holly Geyer

Dr. Holly Geyer is an Addiction Medicine Specialist at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. Her passions lie within educating and building awareness toward prevalent drug issues. Specifically, the interpersonal link, what we can do to help ourselves and those we know who are struggling. A key part of her work focuses on quality of life and the best use of nondrug interventions for diseases such as cancer. However, OPIOID OVERDOSE is now the leading cause of death in persons 18-45, so Dr. Geyer includes stories of individuals and families dealing with drug addiction in her book “ENDING THE CRISIS: The Mayo Clinic’s Guide to Opioid Addiction and Safe Opioid Use.” It’s an important guide for all of us.