Sunday Morning Magazine

Sunday Morning Magazine is a local Seattle podcast featuring guests from local non-profit agencies, authors and specialists in the fields that are the focus of each weekend's informative conversation. These focus areas include education, environment, charities, crime, health, domestic issues, and youth.

Latest Episodes

6/26/22: Dr. Nazir Ibrahim – Journey to a dinosaur dig in the Sahara

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Dr. Nazir Ibrahim is a world-renowned paleontologist who teaches at the University of Detroit-Mercy, and leads expeditions to Africa’s Sahara (and discovering a new dinosaur–spinosaurus). He’s preparing for a new expedition scouting for a longer one in the fall. More discoveries are buried in that sand. Dr. Ibrahim is a natural and engaging teacher, and directs us to a couple of new dinosaur books: 1000 Facts about Dinosaurs, Fossils, and Prehistoric LIfe, and Weird but True! Dinosaurs.


6/19/22: Nita Whittaker – Wisdom for life, for creating the bonds that make us better and stronger.

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Nita Whittaker is an incredible woman, a singer who has sung with some of the biggest names of our time, is a former Miss Louisiana, is an author, and a daughter who honors her father in a beautiful book: When Your Hand is in The Lion’s Mouth–The Life and Wisdom of a Man Named Green. It’s a invaluable insignt into Green’s long and devoted life, a life based in faith and love. In honoring her father, Nita’s provides us with a wonderful way of gifting our own fathers. And it certainly helps us have insights for Juneteenth.


6/12/22: Feel empowered to help the people of Ukraine with medical supplies through a local non-profit

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Liliya and Maksym Kovalenko. Liliya is the President of the Ukrainian Association of Washington State and along with Maksym are strongly involved in preserving and presenting their Ukrainian cultural heritage locally. June is a big fund raising month with a Teddy Bear Drop taking place to provide the bears to comfort children. And there’s a big need for medical supplies, and a big effort to supply Neo-natal units as there are many emergency birthing situations in the Ukraine. Liliya and Maksym share about the great need for medical support for pregnant women, for premature infants, and for the elderly, and that donations of any amount make a difference. www.uaws.org

6/05/22: Elaine Parke – June is the month dedicated to 'Reach Higher'. Make it special in your life.

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Elaine Parke is our beginning of the month launch author as we make the month by month journey through her book ‘The Habits of Unity–12 Months to a Stronger America’. June invites us to focus on “Reach Higher”. It’s completely an individual situation but we can imagine that if each one of us decides to make this decision each day, beginning today, what a greater and stronger self we can be, and thus a more vital country. Each day in the book, or online, we find inspiring quotes to give us a boost, encouraging us to break free of procrastination.


5/22/22 An unlikely journey from the orphanage to the boardroom. Ed Hajim tells a story.

Ed Hajim lived many years of his young life in foster care even though his father wanted to be his parent. Ed made the best of these early years to become a great husband and father, as well as a Wall Street executive. He shares his experiences in his book ‘On the Road Less Traveled–an Unlikely Journey from the Orphanage to the Boardroom’. We all can learn some great life lessons, and this would be a great read for youth–might be a good grad gift!

5/15/22 Part 2: Johnna French – Allergy awareness week is a good time to talk about almond butter

at 5:45am: Johnna French is a foodie and food blogger who brings information about food allergies for food awareness week. Peanut allergies are one of the big food items that trigger alleriges in kids and adults, so Johnna shares recipes and ideas using almond butter which include a great salad dressing and an almond butter and jelly banana bread bar.


5/15/22 Part 1: Dr. Masae Kawamura – TB (tuberculosis) anywhere is TB everywhere

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Dr Masae Kawamura is a tuberculosis clinician, an expert consultant for CDC’s division of Tuberculosis Elimination. She discusses the largest and worst outbreak of TB in Washington in the last 20 years. Covid 19 likely played a role, so it’s important to be vigilant and use good procedures such as masks, and sanitation in dense living situations such as correction facilities, nursing homes, homeless shelters.

5/08/22: Elaine Parke – Be Grateful in May, and you create a healthy mind, body and world.

on Sunday Morning Magazine: Elaine Parke is the author of ‘The Habits of Unity–12 Months to a Stronger America’. Each month is a focus on the 12 Habits, with May being the month to focus on Gratitude. It’s an important aspect in our life, and we might consider it begining with our moms, with all they gave to and for us, and how we learned gratitude early, and need to express it to them, as well as to everyone for all we have and experience.


5/01/22 Part 2: Immanuel Community Services – Be a drop in the ocean of supporting our less fortunate neighbors via www.wagives.org

Shawna McMahon is the Executive Director of Immanuel Community Services in the Lake Union neighborhood, and ICS has provided services for over 40 years in this area. They have a food bank, hygiene center, meal program, and a clean & Sober shelter for men in an Outpatient Treatment Program. People from other neighborhoods visit the food bank because they feel safe there. The men in the shelter have a safe place to sleep and store their belongings while they are off to treatment or work. We might think of ourselves as the drop in the ocean as we support them and they help person by person.