Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Each week host Laurie Hardie brings you the issues affecting the Pacific Northwest and the people making a difference in our community and sometimes beyond. Expect compelling conversations with local leaders and influencers. Spotlight is dedicated to presenting you with issues that matter - including education, health, mental health, and the environment.

Latest Episodes

Spotlighting Amanda Knox Labyrinths

Joining me today is Amanda Knox, we talk about her podcast Labyrinths: Getting Lost with Amanda Knox, infertility, The Innocence Project, and so much more. Get to know Amanda for the amazing young lady she has become in spite of all she has been through. Her podcast Labyrinths: Getting Lost, explores how everyone is navigating their own personal maze. In Labyrinths, Amanda Knox and her partner Christopher Robinson delve into stories of getting lost and found again through compassionate interviews, philosophical rants, and playful debate with fascinating people. Expect dark and hilarious misadventures, nagging and controversial questions, and expect to arrive at unexpected places. Labyrinths has featured guests such as Andrew Yang, Malcolm Gladwell, Jon Ronson, Yasmine Mohammed, Dave Navarro, Tim Urban of WaitButWhy.com, LeVar Burton, Yasmine Mohammed, Cheryl Hines, and Mark Olshaker. You can find her podcast: https://www.knoxrobinson.com/labyrinths.html

Spotlighting Caring is Art With Leilani Norman

Artist and former caregiver Leilani Norman offers a gift of thanks to dementia caregivers everywhere through this journal. She writes, “The daily experience of caring for my mother ranged from fulfillment to heartbreak. When I learned to let go of who my parents used to be, I was able to attend to her evolving needs and to love her deeply, just as she was that day. The most difficult times, emotionally, were when my mother asked me to help her in ways that I could not.”

Caring is Art is a journal that offers words of encouragement, quotes from fellow caregivers, useful resources, and self-care prompts, all accompanied by beautiful imagery. Published by sisters Leilani and Olga Norman, this guided journal features original paintings, photography and illustration. It can be used as a personal journal, a notebook for important information, a reference log, a doodle pad, or anything in between. Caring is Art makes a lovely gift for caregivers from family and friends

A portion of profits from sales benefits non-profit organizations that provide support to caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia.

Email for journal orders: connect@caringisart.com

Link to journal page: leilaninorman.com/caring-is-art

Spotlighting Stella Center Stellate Ganglion Block

Dr. Shauna Springer and Kevin Brigs join us for the before and after the Stellate Ganglion Block procedure. Dr. Springer has worked with Veterans with PTSD walking them through the SGB procedure. SGB is an injection of a local anesthetic into the stellate ganglion, a nerve bundle in the neck connected to the fight or flight system, to help people feel calm again in their own bodies. Kevin is a retired California State Patrol who’s beat was the Golden Gate Bridge, saving over 200 people from jumping to their deaths. Looking for some relief from his trauma he turned to the Stella Center and Dr. Springer.
Video of procedure https://share.icloud.com/photos/0360b-50ZgGMKR2XSL8TKLUzg
Here is the website for Dr. Shauna Springer’s podcast – The Story Of Our Trauma:


Spotlighting Don’t Keep Your Day Job

This week we talk with Cathy Heller, Podcaster and author of Don’t Keep Your Day Job. Cathy offers encouragement during this quarantine, to take time to look at what your purpose is and how to show up in your world. Her words are motivating and life changing in a time when so many are living in fear.
You will want to subscribe to her podcast too.

spotlighting Debt Free ASAP John Nicholas

John Nicholas was a high-flying Ivy League grad and sports media executive who lost his job and fell into
serious debt after 9/11. He learned painful lessons during his recovery and even more when he worked inside the debt-relief industry—including why so many debt programs fail. In response and in order to share what he learned, he created a simple 3-step protocol tailored to each person’s unique goals, needs and circumstances—and offers free and affordable resources to help them do it. In ‘Debt Free ASAP!’, he presents the three debt recovery keys that everyone should know, but that he says “very few
people do.” https://debt-freeasap.com/

Spotlighting Dr. Caroline Leaf “Cleaning up Your Mental Mess

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist and cognitive neuroscientist with a Masters and PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics, specializing in cognitive and metacognitive neuropsychology. She shares her 5 step Neuro cycle system. Gather/Reflect/Write/Recheck/active reach. It is all in her new book called “Cleaning up the Mental Mess. She addresses mental illness/trauma and brain injury. She believes our mind can change our brain. She also has a weekly podcast called Cleaning up the Mental mess. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/cleaning-up-the-mental-mess-with-dr-caroline-leaf/id1334767397 https://drleaf.com/

Spotlighting Clothes For Kids

Joining me is Lisa George out reach coordinator for Clothes for kids. Clothes For Kids provides free school clothing to lower-income students. Any child who attends school in Snohomish County or the Northshore School District (Head Start/ECEAP through 12th grade) and requests help qualifies for Clothes For Kids. Clothing is distributed from August through the end of May.
Just go to their website https://clothesforkids.org/ and schedule your shopping appointment.

Spotlighting Bamboo Learning

Ian Freed with Bamboo learning joins us to share the good news that there is now a Bamboo Learning app for the Iphone and Ipad. Bamboo® Learning creates voice-enabled educational applications for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Our reading and listening comprehension activities follow the standard K–5 curriculum and boost reading confidence, listening and speaking skills, and overall literacy. https://bamboolearning.com/

Spotlighting Birthday Dreams

Birthday Dreams is an organization that provides birthday parties for kids in transition. They are in shelters at the time of their birthday so because Birthday Dreams believes everyone deserves a birthday they go to the shelter and throw a party for the child. With covid things have changed a bit and now they are doing birthday in a box. Due to covid they had to cancel their gala so they are looking for donations to keep doing birthdays during these challenging times. https://birthdaydreams.org/