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Each week host Laurie Hardie brings you the issues affecting the Pacific Northwest and the people making a difference in our community and sometimes beyond. Expect compelling conversations with local leaders and influencers. Spotlight is dedicated to presenting you with issues that matter - including education, health, mental health, and the environment.

Latest Episodes

Spotlighting Opioid Awareness Month with Ideal Option

September is Opioid Awareness Month. April Provost with Ideal Option helps us understand what medically assisted treatment is and how it is helping addicts get off drugs. She says there are many pathways to recovery and medically assisted treatment is one of many wrap around services to support the people trying to get off drugs and get back into a productive life. https://www.idealoption.com/ Aprilprovost@idealoption.net 877-522-1274

Spotlighting Milestone to Manhood with David Arms

David Arms the author of Right of Passage a book about a once-in-a-lifetime weekend that a man can organize for a boy on his thirteenth birthday. David says today more than ever, young men need their male role models to step up and help them understand what it means to be a man and bestow that mantle upon them. If a boy is never told what it means to be a man or that it’s time to be one, he’ll subconsciously extend his adolescent years far into his teens and twenties … or beyond, designed to mark his entrance into manhood in a meaningful way. In addition to bestowing the title of “man” on him, the purpose of the weekend is also to impart life-changing, intergenerational wisdom to him.

Spotlighting Pioneer Industries

Pioneer Human Services is a nonprofit social enterprise serving justice-involved people across Washington state. One of their business’s, Pioneer Industries, is an aerospace manufacturing division. Folks from Pioneer are joining me today to let you know about their counseling and treatment, affordable housing, job-readiness training and employment opportunities for anyone who wants to make a positive change in their lives. In 2021, 61% of Pioneer’s enterprise workforce was justice-involved and/or in recovery. Pioneer believes in providing second chances to individuals with a past so they can live healthy and productive lives today.

Joining me today is Les Mayhall, Senior Manufacturing Operations Manager, Pioneer Industries
Orlando Tantico, Quality Improvement & Operations Support Manager, Pioneer Industries
Mark Behrends, Interim Chief Operating Officer, Pioneer Human Services
Heidi Cosentino, Director of Human Resources, Pioneer Human Services
Denita Price, Director of Organization Development, Talent Acquisition & DEI, Pioneer Human Services
Nanette Sorich, Communications Manager, Pioneer Human Services

Spotlighting Every Child A Super Reader with Pam Allyn

The first day of school jitters are here, impacting both parents and kids as the young minds return to in-person school in the weeks ahead. Co-author of Every Child A Super Reader: 7 Strengths for a Lifetime of Independence, Purpose, and Joy, Pam Allyn is a global literacy expert, educator, award-winning author, and innovator. She says “Families have a tremendous opportunity to create a warm and supportive culture that encourages students to take learning risks and to see themselves as having a valued voice in the home and in the world, confidence grows with perceived opportunities for success. The more kids feel that they are up for the challenge, the more confidence they will display.” In the book, Allyn provides five confidence-building questions parents should regularly ask, which sends the clear message to their children that their opinions matter.

Spotlighting Digital Detox with Molly DeFrank

Molly DeFrank is the author of Digital Detox: The Two Week Tech Reset for Kids. As a mom of six kids, Molly found a simple solution to the negative impact of too much screen time. She wrote a practical guide for parents. Molly and her husband made the decision to detox their screen-obsessed kids—and the difference it made for my family was incredible. When the detox was over, her kids actually thanked her.

Spotlighting Hope for Ukraine Kyle Duncan

Kyle Duncan is the author of Hope for the Ukraine: Stories of Grit and Grace from the Front Lines of War, is part narrative, part wartime dispatch, Kyle is the father of an adopted Ukrainian son. The book transports you into the gritty reality of war-torn Ukraine and the frontlines of God’s miraculous intervention. From
the refugee camps and border crossings, to the homes of Ukrainian residents whose neighborhoods are being bombed, to the microvan full of orphans fleeing Russian tanks. These stories although tough show the power of hope and are a reminder that one person can make a difference, even in war.


Spotlighting Back to School Hand in Hand Kids

Joining me today is Ivy Hendricks Outreach Coordinator and Jasmine Stilson Senior Child Care Professional at Hand in Hand. School supplies are expensive and for families struggling to make ends meet getting supplies for their kids to start school can be a real challenge. You can help families in Snohomish county by donating to the back to school program at handinhandkids.org. They are giving out 500 back packs full of school supplies to kids in Snohomish County.

Spotlighting Secret Shame Dr. Doug Carpenter

Dr. Doug Carpenter is the author of Secret Shame. Sexual abuse is the secret shame that lies deep within. Men hold on to this secret shame for an average of 25 years before they disclose the hurt and pain they have endured and carried from sexual abuse perpetrated by another male. As men disclose their abuse, it is important to examine how the abuse changed their thinking and behavior. A good majority of men were abused before puberty. The research shows that men, on average, are abused around the age of eight or nine, while in the latency stage of development. The disruption of this phase creates a stirring of sexual curiosity and desire awakened before its time.


Spotlighting Support7.org with Shannon Sessions

Shannon Sessions is the executive director of Support7.org. Since 1981, Support 7 has consistently, purposely, and effectively served all our neighbors within our communities—without regard to social class, ethnic heritage or religious persuasion. Support 7 is a group of chaplains who assist first responders and they also have a mobile unit that can be sent out for situations that need more support.
Support 7 is supported solely by the financial gifts and free will contributions of its friends and encouragers.

Spotlighting 5R Recovery

Johnny Ray with 5 R Recovery talks about how we need to make changes in our community when it comes to helping addicts. The 5 R’s are, When you begin with REMEMBER, choose to RECOVER, learn to REJOICE, then you can be REBORN and start to RELIVE. 5RRecovery.org