A Memoir About Dying to Live [Podcast]

Beth Cramer is an accomplished editor and director of independent films. As a creative, Beth also had the dream of writing...and the result is a great first book: "Why Didn't I Notice Her Before? A Memoir About Dying to Live".

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Spotlighting The Hand Up Project

This week we hear from Robert Smiley with “The Hand Up Project.” Robert reveals his “why” about helping addicts and the reason he looks at them and treats them as human beings. Robert and his team of volunteers, many are recovering addicts. Robert’s team goes into homeless camps and cleans up the area. They invite…

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‘God & Love on Route 80’ Kindness, Life, Purpose [Podcast]

Dr. Stephen G. Post is a professor of medicine, and a best selling author. His newest book: God and Love on Route 80: The Hidden Mystery of Human Connectedness. A Story of Faith, Love, and Destiny for Everyone on a Spiritual Journey is a marvelous insight into the synchronicities in our life, if we pay attention.

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