Welcome to Listen & Learn (or Not) featuring the diverse voices of Life Coach Laurie (w/ Warm 106.9), Claire, and Anna D (we're still not EXACTLY sure what she does but she walks around our office like she's a big shot). The three amigas are giving you the best half hour (or so) they got. Follow them and share their journey with real-life everyday struggles, quirky people stories, random conversations, and, occasionally, some heavy topics, too. Come listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not...we're not forcing you.

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If Everyone’s Back in the Office, Why Am I All Alone?

It was another miracle week here in our LALON family, with Coach Laurie feeling the power of prayer for a beloved family animal. Also, lots of offices are officially back in person now, and yet, somehow they’re also not; are you all alone in your cubicle village? It may be time to #FreeBritney from her draconian conservatorship, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still bipolar. The Olympics are underway, but should they be? And….Seattle releases the Kraken and every single person in Washington is now a die-hard hockey fan! Or Not.

A Miraculous Week

Claire talks about an incredible and extraordinary event that happened to a beloved recurring character of our podcast — her dog Sadie. But first you gotta get past Anna D refreshing her memory on how to use the podcasting equipment as she returns to work this week. A special announcement about our favorite life coach and her interview w/ Amanda Knox on “Spotlight w/ Laurie Hardie”. Richard Sherman – Need we say more? We have an update on Britney Spears, as well as a new ice cream flavor we are eager to try!!! — or not.

You Only Regret the Things You Don’t Do

Claire announces something EXCITING she’s about to do — which honors something a wise woman (her wife’s mom) said, “You only regret the things you don’t do.” Laurie is thrilled to announce she interviewed Amanda Knox, and shares some of her amazing takeaways. The Covid-19 pandemic has created the “perfect storm” for domestic violence – sadly, we see it in the rise of incidents reported. Life coach Laurie offers the dos and don’ts and the many ways to help a loved one in an abusive relationship. We discuss ways to protect your plants and trees from extreme temps – the same kind the Pacific NW suffered a few weeks ago. We love musicals – but the ones that were televised or recreated as movie musicals? We give them two thumbs up! — or not.

I Wish I Could Speak Whale

How is it that we live in a world where Britney Spears is not free but Bill Cosby is? Join Coach Laurie, Anna D, and Claire as we talk about the sudden release of Cosby from prison and it’s potential impact on survivors of sexual assault. We also talk about the NCAA’s decision to let college athletes make money, and what life was like under the Pacific Northwest Heat Dome! Also, Laurie tells an amazing story about a teenager’s ability to deescalate a difficult situation. And, we celebrate ABBA for a major accomplishment and then try to remember the difference between New Order and Erasure. Or Yaz. Or….not.

I Heart You So Much I Gotta Go!

It’s been a banner week for the underrepresented, as an active NFL player comes out as gay and Victoria’s Secret acknowledges that not all women are a size 4. And yet at the same time, a division of the Seattle Police Department has filed a lawsuit alleging racial harassment coming from their peers! Join us as we discuss how we’ve come so far and yet we still have so far to go. Also, how did the fight against AIDS help us in the battle against Covid? Why do flight attendants need self defense training? And record-breaking heat has descended on the Pacific Northwest; how are you keeping cool, and what are you doing to protect your pets? Plus…if you’ve never received a text from Coach Laurie, apparently you are really missing out! Or not. ????????

I Think I Love You From Head to Toe

Concerts are coming back!! Join Coach Laurie, Anna D, and Claire as we reminisce about our fave concerts, who we are looking forward to seeing again, and catching cool (and sometimes sweaty) things from the stage. Plus, Juneteenth is (finally) officially a national holiday! And it’s Pride Month, so stand stand back as we shred some epic Queen air guitar solos. Or drum solos. Or not…

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now

Broadway is coming back! For that matter, people’s faces are coming back! So, are you ready to get out and celebrate, or are you still in a wait-and-see mode? And what of those who truly cannot get vaccinated- how do you train yourself to understand them rather than judge them? Join Coach Laurie, Anna D, and Claire as we talk about our love for Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jimmy Fallon, smiles, hot tubs, sea lions and border collies. We also discuss the courageous young woman who made Simon Cowell cry. And we get an update on Laurie’s grand daughter who is on the verge of being the next Jeff Bezos! (Or not…)

Credits: NBC “America’s Got Talent”; Nightbirde original song “It’s OK”; NBC “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” + Lin-Manuel Miranda singer/writer “Broadway’s Back”.

A Winning Combination of Offense and Defense

Even the worlds top athletes struggle with mental health. This week Coach Laurie, Anna D and Claire discuss tennis star Naomi Osaka’s refusal to meet the media after every match because of the anxiety it causes her. Is she dodging a responsibility all the other players just suck up, or is the media so hungry for “a get” that those press conferences are affecting matches? Why is public speaking so difficult for some, with even seasoned broadcasters nervous in public? And are people getting crazier on airplanes? Fasten your seatbelts, there could be some turbulence…or Not….

Chickens Are Fun But Horses Are Magic

Well we are 2/3 of the way back from vacation: Anna is off this week but Claire and Laurie are back with tales of their first airline travel since the pandemic started plus Laurie’s adventure with transporting a horse to California! That leads us to talking about the amazing healing properties of horses which seems to get the chickens at Claire house pretty excited. Plus, Laurie’s granddaughter has become a major entrepreneur! And what does it take to get your favorite author to put you in one of their books? Because Laurie is about to be in one… Or not…

We’re Taking A Break!

Send in Nell Carter! We need her to sing the song: “Gimme a break, I sure deserve it, it’s time I made it to the top…” You see – Laurie, Claire and Anna D are taking the week off from saving the world. There, there. Don’t cry. We’ll be back. And we’ll be all relaxed, refreshed and recharged the next time you Listen and Learn! — or notttt. Cheers, y’all! See you for a fresh new episode of Listen & Learn (or Not) on May 20th.