Welcome to Listen & Learn (or Not) featuring the diverse voices of Life Coach Laurie (w/ Warm 106.9), Claire, and Anna D (we're still not EXACTLY sure what she does but she walks around our office like she's a big shot). The three amigas are giving you the best half hour (or so) they got. Follow them and share their journey with real-life everyday struggles, quirky people stories, random conversations, and, occasionally, some heavy topics, too. Come listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not...we're not forcing you.

Latest Episodes

I Like Long Walks On The Beach and I’m AirPod-Shaped

We recorded this episode on January 6th — what did Claire give her true love on this 12th day of Christmas? You’ll find out here. Apparently there are terms and phrases being overused that people want banned. “Hourglass Figure” isn’t one of them, but still might be a thing of the past because now some body types are being described as….AirPod-Shaped! The #BettyWhiteChallenge is on January 17th, the day our beloved icon Betty White would have celebrated her 100th birthday. The largest space telescope in history is about to BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!! — or not.

Wake Me Up Before You Van Gogh Go

It’s our last episode of the year – we better make it a good one! Can you guess the dominant feeling people felt in 2021? Laurie will tell you what it was. Speaking of feelings, we feel for you if your birthday lies on Christmas. Also, there’s nothing like small town help in times of tragedy. Claire gives an award-winning review of the popular Van Gogh immersive exhibit. And Anna conducts an award-winning interview with Claire’s dog Sadie — or not.

Santa Clause Got a Dirty Job, He Does It All Night Long

This episode was recorded 12/9/21, not long after the world was first introduced to the newly dominant Omicron variant. And how DO you even pronounce Omicron anyway? Anna’s in line for a booster shot. Claire finds out she’s vitamin D deficient, and Laurie has another funny update on the the George Costanza-esque guy who may or may not push women & children out of the way to get the best swim lane. And the discovery that the Dirty Jobs guy is an opra singer is mind-blowing!!!! or not..

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Switchmas!

This episode was recorded 11/19 when the Rittenhouse verdict just came in. Claire, Laurie and Anna discuss the diverse reactions to the verdict. Warm 106.9 is celebrating Switchmas! Also, could it be that we get forgetful, not because of age, but because our brains are full? And like the old saying goes, the customer is ALWAYS right — or not.

Overreach or Not?

[[This episode was recorded on 11/5]] Laurie, Claire and Anna wonder if a new vaccine rule is government overreach, or is the government simply doing its job? Also, what’s happened that made us as a society so inflexible that we defy common sense? Aaron Rodgers claimed he got immunized only to reveal later he didn’t mean the vaccine against covid. He meant – he raided a horse’s medicine cabinet….or not. And since its launch, Laurie cannot get enough of the FB reels!

Hot For Teacher! Er, Hot JOB MARKET for Teacher

The teacher shortage is real and growing — same for school bus drivers, custodians, lunch ladies…and other important school staff. Also – news flash — teachers have lives after the last bell rings (insert collective gasp here). What really goes on in the Teacher’s Lounge? Why? Who wants to know? And did switching Darrins in “Bewitched” go unnoticed? Life Coach Laurie thinks so — or not.

Don’t Panic – It’s Just The 10th Annual “Shake It Off” Drill

Life Coach Laurie, Claire and Anna D talk about a self-defense training course Elizabeth Smart, a kidnap/rape survivor, had just launched. Also what is it that social media platforms do to lure people to read/watch something? Anna D shares her experience taking her son around her childhood hometown. The Annual Great Shake Out Drill happened, and Laurie was well-prepared for it — or not.

Whistleblowers, Bullying and Belugas – Oh My!

Claire, Coach Laurie and Anna D discuss how they’ve dealt w/ bullying in the past. Were they “bystanders” or “upstanders” — or a little bit of both? Also, not everyone wants to go to Homecoming or Prom, and that’s ok. And a beluga whale is swimming around Puget Sound – a rare sight in these here parts! We are both excited and concerned — or not! (Er, all joking aside, we really *are* excited and concerned, that’s no lie)

#FreeBritney Helps Set Britney Free, Nicky Minaj’s #Ballgate Drama, & Other Hashtag Magic

Claire, Laurie and Anna are back w/ their thoughts on the big move from the #FreeBritney Movement, as well as the Brian Laundrie manhunt. They also discuss Nicki Minaj’s vaccine claim coming from her best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend who heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw her cousin’s friend’s fiance at the 7-11 saying she called off her wedding because her fiance got the vaccine and became impotent last night. Guess it’s pretty serious…or not.

Camila Cabello is Not a Bandersnatch

Coach Laurie can recite the entire “Jabberwocky” that she learned in her childhood, Anna D is actually applying the Trig and Calculus she learned in high school toward helping her kids, and Claire…well, her dogs eat cat poop. Join us this week to find out how all of that fits together. Plus, Laurie recaps her alone time with the grandkids and her son’s impending wedding and we learn about the Great Resignation and how side hustles are the new actual hustle. And if nothing else, at least listen to this episode to learn the words “Bandersnatch”, “Jabberwocky” and “Camila Cabello”. Or not.