Welcome to Listen & Learn (or Not) featuring the diverse voices of Life Coach Laurie (w/ Warm 106.9), Claire, and Anna D (we're still not EXACTLY sure what she does but she walks around our office like she's a big shot). The three amigas are giving you the best half hour (or so) they got. Follow them and share their journey with real-life everyday struggles, quirky people stories, random conversations, and, occasionally, some heavy topics, too. Come listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not...we're not forcing you.

Latest Episodes

Team Johnny Depp or Team Amber Heard?

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial is the entertainment we didn’t know we needed in our lives. From jaw-dropping moments throughout the trial to all the hilarious headlines to Johnny and Amber-assigned tip jars at coffee stands, all of it is sparking debates in and out of courtroom. Also a shout out to all the small businesses that have been surviving covid. Ed Sheeran fights and wins against those who try to make pop stars “easy targets” for copyright claims. Our own Seth in the Morning confesses on Instagram one of his biggest fears. Listen as Claire, Laurie Hardie, and Anna D share their thoughts. Spoiler alert: we just want to give him a big hug. What do you think about having an annual Make An Appointment Day – a day dedicated to making your doctor / dentist appointments? And a warning: there is a lot of singing in this episode. But it’s ok. We bring back R.E.M., They Might Be Giants, Rebecca Black, Starship…..we even sing to the Silence of the Lambs soundtrack — or not!!!!

Space Needle – 60 & Fabulous!!

Seattle Space Needle is 60 years old, but it doesn’t look a day over 50. Claire, Laurie Hardie & Anna D go over a little history of the landmark. We also discuss rethinking the mask mandates during this shifting pandemic. Don’t you want to relive the first months of the pandemic in 2020? Neither do we, but there are books and shows that do just that…and it freaks us out. Also, there’s little weird fact we found out about Elon Musk. We also share a feel-good police officer story that put tears to Claire’s eyes. Laurie Hardie reveals some big news! Bun in the oven — or not?

Yum Yum Nom Nom Toot Toot Poop

Another ear worm has been born, and this time it’s in the form of Katy Perry and Jimmy Kimmel singing about every toddler’s topic of choice — toots & doo doo. You get to hear it here first if you hadn’t already. Claire teaches us a lesson about having the courage to try new things. Laurie challenges us to shout shout let it all out. Anna D needs you to binge watch “Severance” and “WeCrashed’. Or else you may regret it — or not.

Team Will Smith? Or Team Chris Rock?

Our country is, again, divided. This time over Will Smith and Chris Rock. Listen as Laurie Hardie, Claire and Anna D dissect, pull apart and psychoanalyze the SLAP heard around the world. Keep in mind, this episode was recorded on 3/31, the day before Will announced his resignation from the Oscars academy on 4/1. It’s no April Fools. This is real. Our biggest take away is the realization that Ye now might be a safer bet than Will when the Academy sends out invites….or not.

Just b/c You’re Good @ It, Doesn’t Mean U Enjoy It

Laurie Hardie, Anna D and Claire find out the WKND is guest starring in a long running TV show. Not only do we talk about the “Starboy” but we also talk about “StarHug”, a local author’s children’s book that is really taking off! The book is wonderful, and the author’s story – amazing! – as she makes us want be brave in a world of languishing. We talk about how just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you enjoy it. We discuss the benefits of learning how to work with different “tendencies” at the office. Also, Dolly Parton bows out of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Maybe we can talk her into finally starting her own big hair metal punk band…..get her to reconsider……or not.

The Bravery of Ordinary Citizens / Grannies Throwing on War Paint

Our country and almost the entire world has come together to support the people of Ukraine. Our hearts go out to them. With that in mind, it seems fitting to spotlight our sister station’ rallying cry in the form of a Whiz Khalifa song and in the style of Young Jeffrey: “Blue and Yellow”. It delivers a powerful message and celebrates Ukraine’s resilience and wisdom. Most importantly, we hope it helps drive support for their people who have been forcibly displaced. Laurie, Claire and Anna hope you do what you can to help. WCK.org and WorldVision.org are just a couple ways you can. Thanks for listening.

Alexa…play “What If God Was One of Us” by Joan Osborne

Alexa is a valuable friend — just ask Claire and Laurie. The Ring Doorbell is more Anna’s friend. Claire has a few theories about what went on during the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Laurie shares her latest favorite reads. Claire & Anna find a good excuse to bring back the song “One of Us” by Joan Osborne. Laurie is convinced the workplace, like Cheers, is where EVERYbody knows your name — or not.

Cancel or Counsel?

This week Whoopi Goldberg returns from her 2 week suspension and Claire, Anna and Laurie reflect on what the controversy was about in the first place, why it rose to the level of backlash that it did, lessons to be learned from it, and how a school’s attempt to censor “Maus” — the topic that started it all — only backfired and increased awareness for Art Spiegelman’s Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel. And, by the way, happy Valentine’s / Galentine’s day from us at Listen & Learn (or Not), the official podcast of the 2022 Winter Olympics……(or not).

Sex(y Golden Girls) & the City

Breaking news! The Sex & the City cast is now the same age as the Golden Girls were when they were televised. After you’ve awakened from fainting upon that news, listen as Laurie updates us on her swimming lane drama, and how she & her sister earn Batman & Robin status. Claire is preparing for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, and part of the prepping involves wine. (There’s some science behind this! Anna D might even try it if she agrees to do the marathon, too). Did you see the young street reporter who gets hit by a car on live TV? Shocking footage! And unlikely celebrity friendships you may not know about — like Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg. Or 50 Cent & Meryl Streep. Or Tyra Banks & Clay Aiken. And Honey Boo Boo & Khloe Kardashian. It’s true. It’s true. It’s all true — or not.

Happy Hooters Day

This episode was recorded Friday, January 14th, which happens to be “Quitters Day”. Life Coach Laurie, Claire and Anna D will tell you what that means….and doesn’t mean. They also discuss New Years Resolutions versus Embracing Renewal. The National Guard truly lives up to its motto, and are “Always Ready, Always There”. The world says goodbye to more celebs this week. Old songs making a comeback thanks to TikTok. And our lovely hosts land an exclusive interview with an actual coronavirus….or not.