Welcome to Listen & Learn (or Not) featuring the diverse voices of Life Coach Laurie (w/ Warm 106.9), Claire, and Anna D (we're still not EXACTLY sure what she does but she walks around our office like she's a big shot). The three amigas are giving you the best half hour (or so) they got. Follow them and share their journey with real-life everyday struggles, quirky people stories, random conversations, and, occasionally, some heavy topics, too. Come listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not...we're not forcing you.

Latest Episodes

Why AJ is STILL Afraid to Rideshare

This week, we learn that Christmas is apparently turning into a year long celebration, why you should NEVER stick a chainsaw down your pants, robo calls are getting sneakier and sneakier, and just ONE MORE reason why AJ (the stubborn and scared one) is probably never going to call for a rideshare anytime soon. All of that and MORE random fun on the Listen and Learn Podcast.

Is 13 to Young for a Cell Phone and Facebook Account?

Are we too accessible as a society? AJ thinks so, today, we learn that he is a little cautious or maybe just super psychotic, when is the “RIGHT” time to introduce your child to their own smartphone and what NOT to do on social media sites!

AJ Has NEVER Seen a Marvel Movie or Watched Game of Thrones?

We’re back…kinda. Priscilla bails on AJ and we meet the newbie! This week, we chat about parenting concerns, farting in the workplace and why the hell AJ has NEVER seen a Marvel movie or watched Game of Thrones! Listen and Learn…or NOT!

Florida Man and Special Beverages

Happy Monday from your new favorite podcasting duo! Today we ask the important questions: How much would you pay for a poncho? What’s our good friend “Florida Man” up to? And would you drink a pint of this “special beverage”? BECAUSE AJ WILL! Priscilla definitely will not.

“Gimme, Gimme, Gimme” a Second Episode!

We’re back for another one! AJ gives you the scoop on the latest “public brawls” and his top 3 man-crushes. Priscilla has got some bulking up to do, and explains why something is in her house (and what it is.)

Look, Mom, Our First Podcast!

Meet AJ & Priscilla, your hosts of this (at the time) nameless podcast! AJ likes food, hiking, and exploring the Pacific Northwest, while Priscilla likes her dogs and sitting on her couch for 48 hours straight with the blinds closed. Let’s see how this goes.