Inspirational Women

Inspirational Women is a weekly podcast that features women who are leaders in their field, entrepreneurs, authors or women carving new paths in education, the environment, charities, crime prevention, health care, domestic issues, and youth outreach.

Latest Episodes

10/23/22 – Allyson Johnson, Author of “Complete National Parks of the United States”

Allyson Johnson is a senior editor for National Geographic Books, bringing us the newest edition of “National Geographic – Complete National Parks of the United States”. The book spans over 500 pages with details of parks, monuments, battlefields and historic sites. It’s a great way to plan for wonderful adventures and travels with the family, as the book provides details about what to expect, the time to allow for the visit. Consider the books as a valuable resource, and a great gift for anyone as we look ahead to the holiday season.

Twitter: @natgeobooks

10/16/22 – Amy Sarig King, Author of “Attack of the Black Rectangles”

Amy Sarig King is an award-winning author whose latest YA book “Attack of the Black Rectangles” provides a powerful, refreshing glimpse into book censorship and book-banning. Amy calls the book her ‘love letter’ to intellectual freedom, most passionate in her comments and discussions at schools and conferences. Amy invites us to see where the ‘black rectangles’ (which blot out words) can be found in our own lives. A good challenge!


10/9/22 – Amy Wooten, Program Director, Cancer Pathways

Amy Wooten is a Program Director with Cancer Pathways in Seattle. This is breast cancer awareness month and Amy has an incredible story to tell us of her own breast cancer diagnosis…at just age 28! Yes, not an age when anyone, even the medical profession believes a woman would be have breast cancer. Amy underscores the very strong reason for self advocacy, and having a good support team as one goes through the treatment.

10/2/22 – Elaine Parke, Author of “The Habits of Unity”

Kate once more welcomes author Elaine Parke, whose mission is to bring connection and unity among all citizens. A discussion of topics from her book: “The Habits of Unity: 12 Month to a Stronger American… One Citizen At a Time.” October’s theme is: Be Patient and LIsten, both solid foundational habits for all aspects of our life. October begins a time of slowing down, animals are looking towards hibernation. It all sets a tone, and it’s essential to start with ourselves, to first assign self-focus as the pace mellows.

site: www.12habits4allofus.org

9/25/22 – Stephanie Drimmer, Author of “5,000 Amazing Facts (About Animals)”

Stephanie Drimmer is an award winning author of nonfiction children’s book for National Geographic Kids and other publishers. Stephanie brings us a beautiful and educational book, bound to thrill kids, their parents and grandparents. Her newest addition is National Geographic Kids’ 5000 Amazing Facts (About Animals).

9/18/22 – Julie E, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Expert

Julie E is a nutritionist and functional medicine expert, with a passion for helping people improve their health. One area of focus is ‘Brain Fog’ which we might be noticing these days in ourselves and others. It might be an issue of kidney overload, and she discusses doing a detox along with other options, such as ‘tapping and swiping’. In 2000 she founded Julie E-Health, a holistic wellness practice and natural health website to address the growing needs of people not finding answers through traditional medicine.

Julie has a downloadable book: The NO DIET DIet: Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes
Website: www.julieehealth.com

9/11/22 – Nita Whittaker, Author of “When Your Hand is in The Lion’s Mouth–The Life and Wisdom of a Man Named Green”

Nita Whittaker is an incredible woman, a singer who has sung with some of the biggest names of our time, a former Miss Louisiana, is an author, and a daughter who honors her father in a beautiful book: “When Your Hand is in The Lion’s Mouth–The Life and Wisdom of a Man Named Green”. It’s a invaluable insight into Green’s long and devoted life, a life based in faith and love. In honoring her father, Nita’s provides us wonderful insights both on her father’s life, and the impact parents have on their children. Site: www.nitawhitaker.com

9/4/22: Alexandra McGroarty – Author of the new book: Bridging The Gap: Reducing Gender Bias in the Workplace

Alexandra McGroarty is co founder of McGroarty & Co. Consulting and is the lead Human Resources consultant, serving as a certified diversity professional as well as a certified professional coach. She is an author and her new book is: Bridging The Gap: Reducing Gender Bias in the Workplace. August 26th was ‘Women’s Equality Day’ because August 26, 1920 is the day women were finally given the right to vote. And Alexandra that while we have come a long way in over 100 years, we still have a long way to go.

8/28/22: Olivia Nichols – Wellness enthusiast and part of a team of like-minded individuals at food influencer central

Olivia Nichols is a a wellness enthusiast, part of a team of like-minded individuals at food influencer central. August is designated National Wellness Month, and just to be clear, this is to make it a focus and educational, but we do want wellness to be a focus every day all year long. But times like this are an opportunity to consider some simple and healthy meal options, keepling natural at the center of that focus.

8/21/22: Mary Kay Carson – Parents and kids together, explore “Outdoor School”

on Inspirational Women: Mary Kay Carson is an inspired and inspiring author with over 50 books to her credit–in which she aims to connect kids/youth with nature, and with history, by making it come alive. Mary Kay’s latest series of books is: Outdoor School, a wonderful and interactive experience that inspires kids to be outdoors, finding their connection to all of nature. Really so helpful for parents and teachers with virtual or in-class learning.