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Inspirational Women is a weekly podcast that features women who are leaders in their field, entrepreneurs, authors or women carving new paths in education, the environment, charities, crime prevention, health care, domestic issues, and youth outreach.

Latest Episodes

5/15/22: Kelly Hargrave – Summertime fun learning for kids, Can't Get Enough Shark Stuff

on Inspirational Women: Kelly Hargrave writes fun nonfiction, whimsical activity books, and engaging guided journals and diaries to inspire kids and draw them into the amazing world around us. Kelly has a new book published by National Geographic: Can’t Get Enough Shark Stuff. Big kids can also learn a great deal about these ocean creatures that generally scare us–what about the fact that they have been on the planet for more than 400 million years, there are 500 species, or that some sharks can grow 20,000 teeth in their life time. Sharks are important in maintaining the health of the ocean.

www.kellyhargrave.com, Instagram @kelly_hargrave TikTok @wildflowerbeat

5/08/22: Premature births affect us all. Join the Walk for Babies May 14th.

on Inspirational Women: Hayley Statema, Manager of Donor Development for March of Dimes in the Puget Sound area provides some infomation about premature births in the US, and in Washington–we are a little better than the national average, but still too many babies are born early. Amy Thorne is a mom who gave birth early to twins. Her son was born slightly more than 1 lb and lived for 34 days; her daughter was just over 1lb and less than a foot long. Miraculously she survived, and her parents and family are committed to helping other families who find themselves in this situation. Amy is the Parent Ambassador for the 2022 Walk taking place Saturday, May 14 at Woodland Park Zoo. Please support with donations and definitely by attending.


5/01/22 Part 2: Eastside Baby Corner – Provide necessities for kids for their security, support via wagives.org

Helen Banks Routon is the Director of Development for Eastside Baby Corner which actually serves children and families in need in King and North Pierce County. The services are providing food, diapers, clothing for babies through age 12, and expectant mothers. It’s a great model of collaborative effort where agencies such as housing or social workers connect those in need with the source of the things they need.

5/01/22 Part 1: Salish School of Spokane – Indigenous language is the foundation of our culture, support via wagives.org

at 6am on Inspirational Women: LaRae Wiley is a founding member of the ‘Salish School of Spokane’ which began just 11 years ago. The school offers free Salish language classes for parents and community members while the children experience immersion school. The elders have provided recordings of the language so students can hear and learn pronunciation. Without this the language, the foundation of a culture fades away, and we all are less because of that.


4/24/22: Inesa Ponomariovaite – Nesas Hemp a full-spectrum CBDa hemp extract

on Inspirational Women: Inesa Ponomariovaite is a holistic health expert who was motivated by her mother’s cancer diagnosis to find a natural way to help her. Ultimately, she has developed the world’s first full-spectrum CBDa hemp extract. This is a natural remedy that can help with anxiety and stress which is a focus for the conversation with Inesa about Nesas Hemp.

4/17/22: Becky Bohan – A Light on Altered Land–the possiblities in a mature & honest relationship

on Inspirational Women: Becky Bohan is an author. Becky retired as vice president of a training consulting company, and is putting her masters degree in English literature to direct use as she has had 3 novels published. In collaboration with her wife Nancy Manahan, they have co-authored the non-fiction award-winning “Living Consciously, Dying Gracefully: A Journey with Cancer and Beyond”. Becky joins us to talk about her novel: A Light on Altered Land, an engaging novel taking us on a journey of 2 mature women building an honest relationship.


4/10/22: Alexa Carlin – Trust in the power of your dreams and vision.

on Inspirational Women: Alexa Carlin is a motivational speaker and author of “Adaptable: How to Lead with Curiosity, Pivot with Purpose, and Thrive Through Change”. She shares what is an incredible journey, at 21 overcoming a lift threatening illness when she was actually put into an induced coma. Alexa has her own company ‘Women Empower X’ helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses and brands through cutting edge courses, events, and publishing division WEX Press.