Inspirational Women

Inspirational Women is a weekly podcast that features women who are leaders in their field, entrepreneurs, authors or women carving new paths in education, the environment, charities, crime prevention, health care, domestic issues, and youth outreach.

Latest Episodes

12/4/22 – Dr. Fayne Frey

Dr. Fayne Frey is a nationally-renowned dermatologist who is passionate about helping women accept their awesomeness. Often to the point where her writing directs us to look in a mirror and say: Dear Me, I’m Awesome. Her work to break down the myths and hype in the Skincare industry led to her writing an amazing and compelling book: “The Skincare Hoax: How You’re Being Tricked into Buying Lotions, Potions & Wrinkle Cream.” Dr. Frey pulls back the curtain and the results are astonishing. Consider that the main skin care products we need are sunscreen and moisturizer. She suggests we think of sunscreen as we do toothpaste – use it every day!


11/27/22 – Megan Asaka

Megan Asaka, PhD is an historian, author and Assistant Professor of History at University of California, Riverside. But Megan does carry roots in Seattle, leaning toward a historical edge, and questioning both facts and the people most key in its early evolution. She shares her research and discoveries in a new book “Seattle From the Margins: Exclusion, Erasure, and the Making of a Pacific Coast City”. Megan will discuss said book in a conversation with Seattle Times columnist Naomi Ishisaka, Saturday December 3, 2:30pm at the Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Ave.

11/20/22 – Tiffany Jewell

Tiffany Jewell is a #1 NY Times bestselling author of “This Book is Anti-Racist”. Her newest book, “The Antiracist Kid” serves as the essential illustrated guide to antiracism. Its text strives to empower readers young and old, and to provide them the words, language, and methods to recognize racism and injustice. Tiffany is a trained Montessori educator committed to antiracist and social justice education.


11/13/22 – Dr. Noella West

Dr. Noella C. West, who with her Doctorate of Nursing Practice, is an adjunct professor at both the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida. Dr. West is a contributing editor of “The Color of Wellness”, a magazine written by health professionals of color, specifically for people of color. Dr. West sheds some light on certain health disparities for persons of color, and the underlying factors.

http://www.colorofwellness.co/ IG: @ColorofWellnessMag

11/6/22 – Elaine Parke

Elaine Parke has a life mission of living peacefully and in harmony with the world. She shares the ways we can all do this in her book “The Habits of Unity, 12 Months to a Stronger American… One Citizen at a Time”. The 12 is the 12 months, and the focus in November is “Show a Positive Attitude”. One way to achieve this is to consider the power behind how life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond or react. We might also consider the idea that ‘we make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give’. We have 30 days to practice this in November, and perhaps make healthy year-round habits.


10/30/22 – Joanna Quinn

Joanna Quinn is an educator, author, and the founder of Super Empowered One, an organization dedicated to building confidence in kids. October is National Bullying Prevention Month, although bullying is an action whose attention must take precedent year-round. It does give us the opportunity to discuss this activity, especially in the early months of school. Keeping lines of communication is critical, to learn for ourselves, and for our kids. Joanna speaks to Kate this week to discuss the need for confident communication.


10/23/22 – Allyson Johnson, Author of “Complete National Parks of the United States”

Allyson Johnson is a senior editor for National Geographic Books, bringing us the newest edition of “National Geographic – Complete National Parks of the United States”. The book spans over 500 pages with details of parks, monuments, battlefields and historic sites. It’s a great way to plan for wonderful adventures and travels with the family, as the book provides details about what to expect, the time to allow for the visit. Consider the books as a valuable resource, and a great gift for anyone as we look ahead to the holiday season.

Twitter: @natgeobooks

10/16/22 – Amy Sarig King, Author of “Attack of the Black Rectangles”

Amy Sarig King is an award-winning author whose latest YA book “Attack of the Black Rectangles” provides a powerful, refreshing glimpse into book censorship and book-banning. Amy calls the book her ‘love letter’ to intellectual freedom, most passionate in her comments and discussions at schools and conferences. Amy invites us to see where the ‘black rectangles’ (which blot out words) can be found in our own lives. A good challenge!


10/9/22 – Amy Wooten, Program Director, Cancer Pathways

Amy Wooten is a Program Director with Cancer Pathways in Seattle. This is breast cancer awareness month and Amy has an incredible story to tell us of her own breast cancer diagnosis…at just age 28! Yes, not an age when anyone, even the medical profession believes a woman would be have breast cancer. Amy underscores the very strong reason for self advocacy, and having a good support team as one goes through the treatment.

10/2/22 – Elaine Parke, Author of “The Habits of Unity”

Kate once more welcomes author Elaine Parke, whose mission is to bring connection and unity among all citizens. A discussion of topics from her book: “The Habits of Unity: 12 Month to a Stronger American… One Citizen At a Time.” October’s theme is: Be Patient and LIsten, both solid foundational habits for all aspects of our life. October begins a time of slowing down, animals are looking towards hibernation. It all sets a tone, and it’s essential to start with ourselves, to first assign self-focus as the pace mellows.

site: www.12habits4allofus.org