Inspirational Women

Inspirational Women is a weekly podcast that features women who are leaders in their field, entrepreneurs, authors or women carving new paths in education, the environment, charities, crime prevention, health care, domestic issues, and youth outreach.

Latest Episodes

Lorene Cary, the storyteller, bringing healing at all levels to all with open hearts

Lorene Cary is an author, Social Activist, Playwright and Lecturer at U Penn. Lorene has a recent memoir, now in paperback: Ladysitting: My Year with Nana at the End of Her Century. This is a book rich with language, stories, and in the stories about early American history, African American History, as well as life, aging, care-giving, and self-care.

www.lorenecary.org #VoteThatJawn –about bringing young voters to the polls in Philadelphia in 2020

Lifeboat by Maggie Craddock a perfect metaphor for our current reality & how to navigate.

Maggie Craddock is the founder of Workplace Relationships. She is a former Lipper-award winning portfolio manager on Wall Street, and author. Maggie’s newest book : “Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption” is just the antidote we need for these ‘interesting’ times we live in. Maggie uses the metaphor of the Lifeboat from the sinking of the Titanic. In 8 chapters she takes us throught a life and death situation, with critical questions–such as how do I find inner strength under pressure. So many applications to our current circumstances.


The Health Care Price Transparency Act. Act now! Cynthia Fisher.

Cynthia Fisher joins us once again both to remind and inspire us to “Act”–to contact our Senators Murray and Cantwell to support — the Health Care PRICE Transparency Act. The vote for another stimulus package is up, happening the beginning of August, so ‘this ask’ of them to support this bill that allows us to know prices of hospital care before hand, is hugely important. Cynthia is the founder and Chairman of PRA, Patient Rights Advocate.org…a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides a voice for consumers –you and me, to have transparency in healthcare.


Dr Rosie Ward is an advocate for Rehumanizing the Workplace, and it's the title of her new book

Dr. Rosie Ward is a strong advocate for humanity, who companies seek out to help rehumanize workplaces. Rosie Ward is the author of: Rehumanizing the Workplace: Future-Proofing Your Organization While Restoring Hope, Well-Being, and Performance. This couldn’t be more timely with our world in such flux and change, highlighting things that really have needed tweaking, and this is an ideal time to reevaluate and institute positive changes. Dr. Ward serves on the leadership team for the Twin Cities chapter of Conscious Capitalism.


Judith Matloff has lived the experiences that help us navigate today's challenges.

Judith Matloff is an author, teaches at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, and is a media safety advocate. Judith’s career began as a foreign correspondent, so travelling to hot spots around the globe. Those experiences led her to write this newest, very relevant book for our life: How to Drag a Body and Other Safety Tips You Hope to Never Need –Survival Tricks for Hacking, Hurricanes, and Hazards Life Might Throw at You”. Long title but has a wealth of information. Bottom line–Be Prepared. Think about the situation and have an exit plan.


Books, bookshops, romance, a great summer read with Susan Wiggs

Susan Wiggs is a NY Times #1 best selling author, who we might feel is one of us–because her chosen home is here in the Puget Sound. Plus Susan is responsible in supplying us with great reading and escapes–a couple of the things we really value here in the northwest. Susan brings us her newest novel–The Lost and Found Bookshop, a wonderful read for this summer time, and a perfect reminder to remember our friends, our local book shops, and support them–they also make deliveries.


Finding calm in chaotic times. Karen McGregor, The Tao of Influence.

Karen McGregor is a thought leader and motivational speaker who works with leaders across the globe. And I believe that each of us is a leader and we each have a role to play in this whole large drama of life. Karen helps us to gain a better self understanding and bring calm within, have the skill to live in these chaotic times. Karen’s book is “The Tao of Influence–Ancient Wisdom for Modern Leaders and Entrepreneurs”.


Raven Magwood, 7 Practices of Prosperous Women

Raven Magwood an international speaker and achievement expert who graduated with honors from Clemson University at just 19! She was a national gymnastic champion at age 11 and was encouraged to write a book about her experiences. Raven now has her 4th book, and discusses with us the ‘7 Practices of Prosperous Women’. One of the practices is to write down our goals, along with smaller goals to reach the bigger one. She shares that one goal was to give back to the community. Along came the opportunity to coach young gymnasts at a local gym, and now Raven and her mother are the co-owners. This underscores another practice, which is to have balance in our life, to make time to be with family. Raven also has a non-profit foundation that seeks to provide mentorship opportunities to youth who would not otherwise have that chance.

Climate catastrophe–each of us is part of the solution. Facing the truth is step 1.

Dr. Margaret Klein Salamon is a clinical psychologist and the founder of The Climate Mobilization where she helped pioneer the Climate Emergency Declaration campaign. This had led to more than 1400 global governments to declare a climate emergency. She is the author of Facing the Climate Emergency–How to Transform Yourself with Climate Truth. It’s an invaluable resource and guide that each of us needs to save our planet, and thus–save ourselves–from climate catastrophe! The first chapter can be downloaded for free, and there’s also an opportunity to join book groups for engagement and discussion.


Learning & fun in a virtual theatre camp for kids this summer

Kati Nickerson is the Director of Youth Education and Community Outreach at Village Theatre in Issaquah and Everett. But in these current days Kati is with us all across the state, and even state borders–virtually. If you are wondering about what you could have your kids involved in this summer, Kati has some great opportunities which are virtually accesible. As they promote: Skills for Theatre, Skills for Life. Nothing could be more true. Theatre ‘classes’ open up an exciting world of experiential learning for kids of all ages.