Enough with Coach Laurie

In my 20 plus years as a life coach, I learned from my clients that most of us believe we are not enough, making it tough to purse our dreams . My goal is to encourage people to discover their purpose and make an impact, leave a legacy, even start a movement. Enough with Coach Laurie gives you action steps to making a difference not only in your life but of those around you. Are you ready to make an impact?

Latest Episodes

Enough About Legacy

If you don’t tell the stories, who will? We can leave a financial legacy, written or spoken word legacy. Regardless, a legacy will be left, will it be intentional and informative?

Enough About Selfish

In Matthew McConaughey’s event called The Art of Livin (no apostrophe) he suggests we might want to be more selfish. Maybe we have selfishness all wrong! Maybe it’s a good thing and if we did more of it we might transform our world?

Enough About I Don’t Do…

We often tell ourselves things that makes our brain look for more of it. I am overwhelmed, I’m too tired, all things that may feel true but by voicing them we are giving our brain the “wrong” think to look for. It wants to please us so if we are overwhelmed it will search for more of that for us.

Enough About I’ll Be Happy When

Sometimes we get so focused on the end goal we forget to enjoy the journey. We say I’ll be happy when, what about saying I am happy BECAUSE?

Enough About Rust Out

You’ve probably heard of quiet quitting? The new trend is Rust – Out. It’s when you are loosing steam in your job, you don’t feel like you are making a difference or like you even matter.

Enough About Procrastination

What if procrastination is actually wisdom?? What if you listened to it and asked a different question?

Enough About Covid Nostalgia

Some people are looking back on Covid with fond memories. Maybe it’s because they aren’t doing that thing they decided they would do when lock down was over!

Enough About Daily Habits

We know taking meds or supplements only works if we do it regularly, and with exercise we have to be consistent. But what about daily personal growth? Do we give it the same attention?

Enough About Defensiveness

I can’t make people stop with the platitudes, but maybe I can help you look at them differently!

Enough About Legacy

We will leave a legacy, what kind do you want to leave? There are many ways to leave a legacy in this day and age. I DARE YOU!
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