Enough with Coach Laurie

In my 20 plus years as a life coach, I learned from my clients that most of us believe we are not enough, making it tough to purse our dreams . My goal is to encourage people to discover their purpose and make an impact, leave a legacy, even start a movement. Enough with Coach Laurie gives you action steps to making a difference not only in your life but of those around you. Are you ready to make an impact?

Latest Episodes

Enough About Reading the Room

Hey Ladies, You know what I am talking about!! We read the room. Who needs what? Is everyone comfortable?

Enough About Resilience

What is it that makes some people strive for a great life and others don’t?

Enough About Getting Laid Off

A.J. shares how he has walked through a pandemic and getting laid off.
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Enough About Forgiveness

Sometimes what is making you mad is something that actually made your life better?
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Enough About Just Do It

Sometimes we need a reminder to “Just do it already.” Whatever you are procrastinating on “Just do it already.”

Enough About Being Too Old

Turning 67 doesn’t mean life is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t reinvent yourself! It just means you are 67!!

Enough About Politics

Johnny Ray with 5R Recovery is going to a family reunion and wants to know how to have a meaningful conversation with opinionated releatives?

Enough About Mindset

We have messages we learned when we were little and they are still controlling us because they are a “mindset.” Good news. We can change our mindsets.

Enough About Qualifications

Sometimes we only look at what we are qualified for what we can do rather than what we love and want to do.

Enough About Judgement

Can we start a movement that will get the mean peoples attention to help them stop being mean? Well I tried.