Enough with Coach Laurie

In my 20 plus years as a life coach, I learned from my clients that most of us believe we are not enough, making it tough to purse our dreams . My goal is to encourage people to discover their purpose and make an impact, leave a legacy, even start a movement. Enough with Coach Laurie gives you action steps to making a difference not only in your life but of those around you. Are you ready to make an impact?

Latest Episodes

Enough About Your Comfort Zone

What if staying in your comfort zone not only hurts you, but others? When you are prompted to try something new, stretch, do something that your heart is telling you to do, what if you just do it afraid? Staying in your comfort zone might feel good but what if the thing you are called to do, is the answer to someone’s prayer? They don’t get help because you are afraid?

Enough About Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur?  
You deserve a big blue ribbon for sticking with it!!! 

Enough About Anticipation

What if we could turn anxiety into anticipation? Actually change the pathways in our brain. It is possible! Also if you are thinking about doing a podcast join me for the FREE 3 Day Podcast Challenge click here to sign up!

220|Enough About Curious

What are we missing when we are not curious? Did you know there are three types of questions? Yes or no is one and inside you will get the other two and a bonus.

Enough About I’m Too Old

You may be telling yourself a story that is ruining your ACT 2. You have so much to give so much to share and you might be telling yourself you are too old, washed up. Missed it? NOT TRUE. Change your thoughts and change your brain, write that book, do that podcast, start that non profit. It’s only too late if you believe it.

Enough About That Voice in Your Head

You know that voice that says “who are you too…?” It is a liar!!! Who are you to not do the thing, write the book, start the foundation create a podcast?

Enough About Push Record

Will your stories outlive you? There is an easy way to remedy that. Push record. Video, audio, something, just share a story a week and leave it on your phone and in a year you will have 52 fun stories for your family!!! Leave your legacy with your voice.

Enough About Self Loathing

Do you know someone who is full of self loathing? They can’t take a compliment, they apologize for things that aren’t their fault and they don’t feel worthy of any attention. It is OK to love yourself! In fact if we love ourselves, we love others better.

Enough About Manifesting

If bad things are happening to me is it because I am manifesting them? Or do bad things happen and when we focus on them we invite more? Manifesting is tricky but when we focus on gratitude it makes those hard times a little easier to navigate.

Enough About Care Taking

Are you caring for a loved one? Are you also taking care of yourself? Often, usually, really most of the time we neglect ourselves. This makes us tired and resentful and maybe even mean? Take care of you so you can take care of others. That’s an order!