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Pit Bull “Hijacks” Cop Car, Scores Beef Jerky

A police officer trying to pin down a pit bull in a Texas neighborhood got a bit of a lesson in “animals are often times smarter than the hooomans”.  Ha, ha, ha.

PSA- Found dog. Officer was dispatched on a animal control call (Aggressive Pitbull). Since we don't have 24/7 Animal…

Posted by Kilgore Police Department on Saturday, June 15, 2019

I LOVE the fact he keyed the police radio mic while he was chompin’ away at the beef jerky.  Just to add insult to injury.  “Nom, nom, nom… dis snack tasty!  Thanks hoooman.”

Seriously though… police officers have to deal with so much when they strap that badge on every day.  Thanks for being such a good sport officer.

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