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Piper: The Positive Pup


Piper: The Positive Pup

Homeless for at least 800+ days, Piper seeks a home full of learning, laughs, and love!

Piper lost her sight at an early age, and lived alone on the streets. Now safe at Pasado’s Safe Haven, she has blossomed into her beautiful and boisterous self through their expert care. Living without her eyesight, Piper enjoys scent based games and experiences, including car rides to smell the world as it goes by, she also really enjoys water and giving big kisses!

At about 3 years old, Piper is a young gal and has spent most of her life homeless. If you’re looking for a big, bold, beautiful gal in your life, who appreciates adventures and good communication skills, you need to meet Piper!

To learn more about Pawsitive Alliance and Piper in the #WhyNotMePets campaign, visit https://www.pawsitivealliance.org/available-whynotmepets.html#Piper.