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Pink Easter Egg Oreos Set To Debut.

Vero Beach, Fl/usa - 8/2/19 - The Cookie Aisle In A Grocery Stor
Credit: | BigStockPhoto.com

It may be the middle of winter, but brands are already gearing up for springtime holidays like Easter as Oreo is set to release these in February!

The egg-shaped cookie is a festive, pink-tinted golden Oreo — so no fancy new flavor, but hey, you can’t go wrong with a classic. According to the packaging, there will also be five different cookie designs in each package.

While we have to wait another month before the Easter Oreos hit shelves next month, Oreo is bringing back an old favorite that will be available on Jan. 20: Most Stuf cookies, which packed more filling between the chocolate wafers than ever before.