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Pets OD’ing on Weed

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Ruff, ruff, pass out is what happens when your pooch gets into your stash. 

Veterinarians aren’t trying to harsh your mellow, — they are warning pet parents to better conceal their cannabis cache, especially edibles.

The edict coincides with a new survey of North American veterinarians that revealed cases of pot poisoning among pets are on the rise and have “increased significantly” since October 2018.

The trend correlates with the movement to legalize the herb for recreational and medical use across the US

Reports compiled by drug researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario showed that dogs were the most common victim of THC poisoning among pets, though cats were implicated, too.

But their list also noted more unusual animal allies to have overdosed, including iguanas, ferrets, cockatoos and horses.

Most pets sickened by space cakes won’t require hospitalization and nearly always make a full outpatient recovery at home under the care of their owners.

In more severe cases, IV fluids, induced vomiting and doses of activated charcoal — to help absorb the toxin — were used to nurse the animal back to health.

Careful where you stash your stash!

Full Story: HERE

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