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Pay What You Can~JBJ Soul

Credit: YouTube

Jon Bon Jovi and his wife Dorothea, a couple with heart and soul, officially opened the third of their volunteer-run restaurants.

JBJ Soul Kitchen offers a freshly prepared three course meal and patrons don’t have to worry

about the check if they aren’t able to pay. To avoid patrons being stigmatized by the issues surrounding

food insecurity, servers at the restaurant won’t know whether patrons paid for their meal thanks

to the “pay it forward” and volunteer system used.

“People had this romanticized version of the starving student. It’s not as romantic as we would like to think it is,” Dorothea says.

The TODAY Show’s January 27 episode aired footage from the interview in which Bon Jovi talked about the partnership,

“We were approached by the food service provider here, and we had been aware of food insecurity

on college campuses, and it was just a natural fit,” he said.

I am always so blown away at his generosity and humility!

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