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Passing Your Fears to Your Cheribs

Portrait Of Scared Child Visiting Dental Clinic. Smiling Doctor
Portrait of scared child visiting dental clinic. Smiling doctor calm down examining oral cavity of girl. Cheerful wearing medical gown and eyeglasses. Children stomatology and healthcare concept

For parents, the biggest fear is passing their phobias onto their littleuns.

After speaking to 4,000 parents,

discovered 89 per cent worried about their children developing the same fears as them,

with nearly half (46%) revealing their child already has the same phobia.

Turns out, the top 10 phobias parents pass onto your little cherubs are:

  1. Arachnophobia (A fear of spiders)
  2. Social Phobia (A fear of social situations)
  3. Acrophobia (A fear of heights)
  4. Cynophobia (A fear of Dogs)
  5. Aerophobia (A fear of flying)
  6. Dentophobia (A fear of Dentists)
  7. Enochlophobia (A fear of large crowds)
  8. Ophidiophobia (A fear of snakes)
  9. Atychiphobia (A fear of failure)
  10. Aquaphobia (A fear of water)


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