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Party with the G.O.A.T Ken Jennings on Leap Day 2020

LOS ANGELES - JAN 08:  Ken Jennings arrives for the ABC Winter T
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Hang with the legendary Greatest Of All Time on a day that only comes around once every four years!! 


Ken Jennings G.O.A.T. Victory Party


I love how this event is “Pay-What-You-Will”… that opens it up to everyone who’d like to cheer on the champ.  But if you spend $50 or more you’ll be entered to win some amazing Ken Jennings memorabilia.  You SURELY collect souvenirs from our other Seattle champions like the Seahawks, Storm, Sounders and Sonics!  Right?

Perhaps Ken will be great inspiration for a Mariners championship season too?  What?  A boy can dream!