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Parents Feeling Seen

Mother Working From Home With Kids. Quarantine And Closed School

A tik tok mom’s video is making parents feel seen, hashtag anything mom.

A young mom posted a hilarious video on TikTok of an imagined conversation

between her 2-year-old and 3-month-old that went viral for being so relatable.

Mother of two Lindsey Gurk posted a series of TikTok videos where she imagines

the types of conversations her children might be having when she’s not around.

The 2-year-old approaches their 3-month sibling and asks,

Wait…just watch the video.

But wait, there’s more.

The cherry on top was the 2-year-old’s final remark that had the

comments blowing up with how “painfully accurate” the video was.

Before leaving the room, the older child says,

“I’m gonna go dump out my LEGOs and not play with them.”

This behavior had fellow parents of toddlers jumping to the comments.

“The dumping out of LEGOs and not playing with them hit me in my soul!

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Video: HERE

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