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Pam and Jim from The Office: Can Their Relationship Survive Hockey?

The matchup for any major sports championship often puts friends and even family at odds.  But this is beyond.

Krasinski, sportin’ the B spoke sweatshirt, grew up just outside Boston in Newton Massachusetts and Fischer, lookin’ great in the specs by the way, is a native of St. Louis.

Notice I didn’t give her outfit any love?  I grew up in New England (GO B’S!!!)  So I have to side with Jim on this one.  Sorry Pam.  You’re still adorable… but hockey is life.

One of my most intense memories from being a kid is my dad taking me to the OLD Boston Garden for a Bruins/Canadians game.  There were two guys from Quebec getting mouthy and the Boston (Southie) boys in our section weren’t having it.  They ended up dumping these two clowns out of the nose bleeds into the next section the not nice way.  The cops had to come, they stopped the game for 10 minutes.  It was wild.

My dad, never one to fight much, called it situational awareness… know where you are and when to keep your mouth shut. See?  Teachable moment.

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