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Starbucks $50 Mom’s Day Card, for $200?

Starbucks plans to sell 1,500 of the, er, special gift cards this year, which it notes are “more than a gift card.”  For Mother’s Day, the coffee chain is rolling out its first-ever limited edition gift card to “treat mom.” The card is “metal and ceramic” with “laser-etched floral details and satin ceramic finish.” It comes in a “beautiful gift box with matching …

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Win tickets to final taping of “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart

Beloved fake newsman, and host of “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart announced this week that his last show will be August 6th. And you could be there! Win tickets to go see the final taping of “The Daily Show” in person in New York, along with airfare to get there and a free hotel stay! You can enter to win …

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Fines for slow left-lane drivers? It could happen!

Okay, I’ll admit it — it’s a pet peeve of mine. When you’re driving down a freeway — not during rush hour when everything’s stop-and-go, but maybe in the middle of the day when traffic’s sparse and cars are moving along at the speed limit — and some driver’s poking along in the left lane doing just the limit, or …

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Help kids by donating to “kickstarter for teachers” (link)

We all know that school budgets have been cut to their maximums, then squeezed some more. That’s why a new website is being called the “kickstarter for teachers.” It’s become popular with teachers around the country – and more than one million supporters! With a quick zip code search, I found several schools in Seattle, Tacoma and Everett alone …

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Aerosmith Lead Singer Steven Tyler Is Going Country.

His career has spanned over 5 decades as one of the biggest rock stars in one of the biggest bands of all time. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith has just signed with Big Machine Records to make a country album!   image via used under creative commons)

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