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Marshawn Lynch Gives His Game Winning TD Ball To His Mom. [VIDEO]

Marshawn Lynch loves his mom and she certainly loves him! The joy, the pride, the love, the emotion. Marshawn Lynch is without a doubt…a man who lets his actions speak louder than any words possibly could and this is no different as he shows some love to his mother after scoring the game winning touchdown in yesterday’s game. Pretty cool …

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THESE Seahawks Fans Are Probably A Little Sick With Disgust Today.

Let’s face it…we ALL had our doubts at some point yesterday. I’ll admit, mine came when it was 19-7 with about 3+ minutes left in the game and Green Bay had the ball. Not that I thought it was impossible but things certainly looked bleak. I CAN say this for certain, if I would have been fortunate enough to be …

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