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What are the odds your partner will cheat? Science has the answer!

I hope it doesn’t happen to you, and I hope you don’t do it to someone else. But cheating in relationships happens, and according to Cosmopolitan, you can often spot the telltale signs. They’ve provided “9 Signs Your Partner is Likely to Cheat.”  And in case you’re skeptical, look what it says right at the top of the article: “Based …

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You watched SNL40 — now check out the after party!

It was 3 1/2 hours of star-studded comedy, music and memories last night as Saturday Night Live celebrated 40 years of shows. And then, after the show, all those comedy and music legends did the only think left to do — they threw themselves a party. Why wouldn’t you? Here are a couple of quick clips of multiple generations coming …

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