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Need Spuds?

On Thursday, Washington potato growers will give away 200,000 pounds of potatoes at the Tacoma Dome.

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Latest Coronavirus News

The NFL is considering football helmets with built-in face masks

iStock/LeArchitecto(NEW YORK) — While a face mask violation normally gets you a 15 yard penalty in pro football, the NFL is reportedly looking into actual face masks built into helmets for players who will eventually take the field before the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  In a chat on ESPN personality Adam Schefter’s podcast, Thom Mayer, the medical director of the NFL Players Association, revealed the league is …

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“This did not age well”: Sarah Hyland pokes fun at her optimistic 2020 tweet

ABC(LOS ANGELES) — Former Modern Family star Sarah Hyland poked a little fun at herself — and at the situation we’re all in nowadays — by calling back to a tweet she sent at the beginning of the year.  “If you start off 2020 super sick that means nothing else bad can happen the rest of the year right? RIGHT?!,” the star tweeted January 4. Tuesday, …

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Jennifer Garner ditches folding laundry to dance around and drink wine instead

Photo by BG004/Bauer-Griffin/GC Image(LOS ANGELES) — With COVID-19 keeping many people indoors due to lockdown measures, some are finding it harder than ever to focus on completing the most mundane tasks.  In an ultra relatable video on Tuesday, actress Jennifer Garner showed off how she ditches her cleaning duties in style. While sorting through a literal mountain of laundry as “Think About Things” by Daði Freyr plays …

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President Trump standing by decision to take hydroxychloroquine

BartekSzewczyk/iStock(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — President Donald Trump is bucking advice from top medical experts concerning anti-malarial medication hydroxychloroquine and is taking the drug to prevent COVID-19, despite the fact the drug has not been found to help patients and could lead to negative side effects.  Nevertheless, the president on Tuesday said he will continue to take the drug. “I think it’s …

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