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From SHELTER To STAR! [A Dog’s Way Home: Shelby’s Backstory]

FIRST: YES, I saw A Dog’s Way Home! I give it ALL the stars. It may be the ONLY movie I’ll ever see in the theaterTWICE. That’s how much I LOVE it! I cried. A lot. Not because it was sad. It wasn’t sad the way A Dog’s Purpose was sad (Animal abuse/neglect/death). It was MOVING. It’s a story relatable …

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Here’s what to know about your Netflix price hikes

Supporting Netflix Originals Are you a loyal Netflix users, carving out time at the end of the day to binge watch a new season of “Game of Thrones”? Netflix has over thousands of streaming TV series, movies and short films to watch. It’s no surprise with the broadcast competition of TV and cable networks that the streaming networks needs to …

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