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Oreos keeps coming up with new ways to make us want more Oreos — Introducing Oreo Thins!

The innovation never ends in the Oreo labs.

On the heels of the limited-edition S’mores, Cotton Candy, and Red Velvet-flavored Oreos, the cookie giant is about to unleash another breakthrough — Oreo Thins. These slim little cookies are about half the thickness of the original Oreo, but they’re still the same circumference, or diameter, or one of those math terms.

The idea here is that you can enjoy four Oreo Thins for 140 calories, as opposed to 160 calories for only three regular Oreos. Oreo’s parent company claims the new cookie is more “sophisticated,” and they’re aiming at a more adult consumer — somebody who maybe doesn’t twist the chocolate cookies apart and lick all the creme off, or dunk them, although research shows that half of the adults who eat Oreos do exactly that. Come on, I do; don’t you?

You’ll be able to Oreo Thins in Original, Golden, and Mint varieties, which may satisfy your craving for Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies when it’s not Girl Scout cookie season.

Oreo Thins will be on store shelves across America beginning Monday, July 13, and they’ll retail for $4.59.

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